Administration Of Justice

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Career opportunities in Criminal Justice generally can be categorized into five major fields: Law Enforcement; the Courts; Corrections, Forensic Science; and Private Security. In these career fields, criminal justice professionals prevent and control crime, shield the public from harm, provide detention and rehabilitation services, and finally, ensure equal justice for all citizens through the judicial system. Job opportunities exist at the Federal, State, and local levels of governmental jurisdiction. The private sector has an ever increasing need to employ criminal justice professionals within its organizations.

West Valley College Administration of Justice faculty are successful practitioners from various law enforcement and criminal justice fields. Our program gives you an opportunity to gain experience with different law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to Police: Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office, County corrections, Investigations, Centers for Missing or Abused children, Rape or Suicide Crisis, and more. Our "hands on" approach gives you an opportunity to learn through experience. The Administration of Justice faculty and staff are here and available to help you succeed!

Career Paths

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Inspector/Special Agent
  • Customs Aid
  • Customs Canine Enforcement Officer
  • Customs Inspector
  • Deputy U.S. Marshal
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Drug Enforcement Special Agent
  • FBI Agent
  • Fish and Wildlife Service, Special Agent
  • Immigration & Naturalization Service, Border Patrol Agent
  • Internal Revenue Criminal Investigator
  • Investigator (State, County, or Municipal)
  • Police Officer
  • Postal Service Inspector
  • Secret Service Agent
  • State Police Officer/State Trooper
  • Attorney/Lawyer
  • Bailiff (Court Officer)
  • Court Administrator
  • Court Clerk
  • Court Liaison Counselor
  • Domestic Violence Counselor
  • Pretrial Services Officer, U.S. District
  • Release-On-Own Recognizance Interviewer
  • Victim Services Specialist
  • Counselor: Crisis Counselor
  • Runaway Counselor
  • Corrections Counselor
  • Corrections Officer
  • Juvenile Justice Counselor
  • Parole Officer
  • Pre-Release Program: Correctional Counselor, Employment Counselor, Halfway House Manager
  • Probation Officer: Adult or Juvenile
  • Corrections Treatment Specialist (Federal Prison)
  • Ballistics Specialist
  • Toolmark Specialist
  • Serology Specialist
  • Fingerprint Specialist
  • Arson Specialist
  • Document Specialist
  • Polygraph Specialist
  • Retail Security: Store Detective, Los Prevention Officer
  • Commercial Security: Hotels, Airports, Airlines, Financial Institutions, Commercial Buildings
  • Institutional Security: Public Facilities, hospitals, libraries, museums, educational institutions, etc.
  • Industrial Security: Manufacturing plants and protection of trade secrets
Last Updated 1/27/23