Student tour goup walking through campus

Welcome to West Valley’s Geography Program

Geography is one of the most dynamic disciplines that examines the inter-relationship between people and the environment. The American Association of Geography describes several areas of study including managing natural and urban environments, analyzing the evolving relationship between people and places, planning transportation routes, investigating sustainable land use worldwide, creating Geographic Management Systems for industries and government agencies, and helping understand and restore natural ecosystems

The Geography Program at West Valley offers courses in physical, cultural and world regional geography, as well as an Associate of Arts and Associate of Arts Transfer Degree. Our goal is to have students question and examine how the world works by understanding the physical and perceived environment.

There are many career paths. Geographers can be found in local, state and federal levels in a wide range of careers, such as planners, cartographers, scientists, non-profit workers, entrepreneurs, business people, elementary and secondary educators.

Last Updated 3/8/19