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Welcome to West Valley’s Psychology Program

Psychology is the scientific study of human and non-human thought, feelings and behaviors as well as the neurophysiological mechanisms that underlie sensations, perceptions, emotions, motivation, memory, cognitive, and motor functions.

Psychologists are concerned with the human experience relative to culture, ethnicity, work, health, development, and psychopathology. The field involves both pure science and practical application to matters of everyday life. Those who pursue one of psychology's 55 sub-fields, as identified by the American Psychological Association, will find a wonderful variety of career options with the common goal of improving human life and understanding as well as the world in which we live.

The Psychology Program has exemplary instructional staff, with many years of experience, representing different specializations and areas of interest. We offer a wide range of transferable course offerings: Psychology of Addiction and Substance Abuse, Life-Span Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychology of Women, Experimental Psychophysiology, Social Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology.

Last Updated 3/8/19