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Course Repetitions

It is the intention of the Governing Board that students shall have reasonable opportunity to repeat courses when such repetition furthers achievement of the student’s educational objectives and is in accordance with the provisions of the California Education Code. It is not, however, the intent of the Governing Board to allow students to repeat courses that have been successfully completed with a grade of A, B, C or P. Course repetition is permitted for substandard work, extenuating circumstances and/or significant lapse of time as described below. The courses listed below are repeatable under Title 5 regulations as follows:

Title 5 of the California Code of Education Section §55041. Repeatable Courses.

(a) Districts may only designate the following types of courses as repeatable:

(1) Courses for which repetition is necessary to meet the major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a bachelor’s degree. The governing board of a district must retain supporting documentation that verifies that the repetition is necessary to meet the major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a bachelor’s degree. The supporting documentation must be retained by the district as a Class 3 record basic to audit as required by section 59020 et seq.;

(2) Intercollegiate athletics, as defined in section 55000

Courses for which repetition is necessary to meet the major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a Bachelor’s Degree:

MUSC 039A Applied Music: Brass
MUSC 039B Applied Music: Woodwind
MUSC 039C Applied Music: Strings
MUSC 039D Applied Music: Percussion
MUSC 039E Applied Music: Piano
MUSC 039F Applied Music: Guitar
MUSC 039G Applied Music: Voice
MUSC 039H Applied Music: Commercial Music Production
MUSC 040 Chamber Singers
MUSC 042 Concert Choir
MUSC 048 Symphony Orchestra
MUSC 049 Symphonic Band
MUSC 051 Jazz Band
MUSC 056 Percussion Ensemble
THEA 021A Technical Theater in Production: Scene Shop and Crew
THEA 022A Technical Theater in Production: Costume & Makeup

Intercollegiate Athletics Courses:

KINA 9.01 Intercollegiate Baseball-Men
KINA 9.02 Intercollegiate Basketball-Men
KINA 9.03 Intercollegiate Men’s Basketball-Post-Season Fundamentals
KINA 9.04 Intercollegiate Tennis-Women
KINA 9.07 Intercollegiate Soccer-Men
KINA 9.08 Intercollegiate Soccer-Women
KINA 9.09 Intercollegiate Softball-Women
KINA 9.10 Intercollegiate Swimming-Men
KINA 9.11 Intercollegiate Swimming-Women
KINA 9.16 Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball-Women
KINA 9.17 Intercollegiate Volleyball-Women
KINA 9.18 Intercollegiate Water Polo-Men
KINA 9.20 Women’s Intercollegiate Water Polo
KINA 9.30 Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning
KINA 9.31 Athletic Tennis-Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.41 Athletic Baseball - Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.42 Athletic Basketball - Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.47 Athletic Men’s Soccer - Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.48 Athletic Women’s Soccer - Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.49 Athletic Softball-Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.55 Athletic Men’s Water Polo - Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.56 Athletic Women’s Water Polo - Skills and Techniques
KINA 9.60 Post Season Conditioning

Substandard Work

A student may repeat any course in which a substandard final grade (D, F or NP) was earned, or for which the student withdrew (W). If the course is offered at both colleges within the district, the student may repeat the course at either college. A course may be repeated only TWICE under this policy. If a student does not pass the same course twice (with an A, B, C, or P), he or she must submit an Academic Appeals petition in order to register for that class again. The student’s permanent academic record shall contain all work attempted and depict a legible, true and complete academic history. In course repetition for substandard work the grade earned in the last enrollment shall be exclusively in determining the units attempted, completed and grade points earned. However, the original substandard grade will remain on official records, though annotated as a repeated course. No assurance can be provided that the repeated courses will be treated in this manner by other institutions.

Extenuating Circumstances (for successfully
completed courses)

Students who have successfully completed a course but wish to repeat it, must submit a petition to the Academic Appeals Committee and provide substantial evidence of extenuating circumstances (i.e. verified case of accident, illness or other emergency situations) for granting such a repetition. Grades awarded for courses approved for such repetition shall not be included in calculating a student’s grade point average.

Course Families

There are groupings of courses with similar content called “families” in the PE, Art, Theatre, and Music disciplines. West Valley and Mission College’s family of courses are linked and students may only take 4 courses within a family whether the course is offered at West Valley or Mission College. Refer to the table in the online schedule, campus catalog or consult with a counselor to review the full list of “family” courses.

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