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Pre-Collegiate Courses

Pre-collegiate courses are courses below transfer level.

Basic skills courses cover those foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as a Second Language, as well as learning skills and study skills, which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work.

A support course is an optional course that is associated with a degree-applicable course: It provides students with additional support so that they are more likely to successfully complete the associated course. A preparatory course to a target course is an optional course that provides students with an overview of the prerequisite skills with the goal of increasing the chances the student succeeds in that target course. Whereas a preparatory course should be completed before starting its target course, a support course and its associated degree-applicable course are to be taken simultaneously.

For tutoring courses, students are assigned to tutoring by a counselor or an instructor on the basis of an identified learning need.

A degree-applicable credit course is a course which has been designated as appropriate to the associate degree. The degree-applicable courses in the table are included in the general education/breath requirements for A.A./A.S. degrees. *MATH 104, 105, 106, and 106R in the table are degree-applicable courses.

The State Legislature has imposed a restriction whereby students may enroll in a total of no more than 30 units of basic skills courses per Title 5, Section 55756(b). However, units earned in courses offered through the DESP (for students with a disability) or English as a Second Language Department are exempt from this limitation. In addition, all basic skills units in which a student is enrolled during a semester are exempt if the student is also enrolled in any disabled and/or English as a Second Language class.

Basic skills courses may not be used to satisfy requirements for an Associate Degree. For further information, contact Counseling Services.

Course Title Basic Skills Course Support Course Preparatory Course Tutoring Course
ENGL 099X Supplemental English Composition   X    
ENGL 903 Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure X      
ENGL 905 English Fundamentals - A Preparatory Course X   X  
ESLW 065RW Advanced Reading and Writing X      
ESLW 961GW Basic Grammar and Writing 1 X      
ESLW 961LS Beginning Listening and Speaking X      
ESLW 961RV Basic Reading and Vocabulary 1 X      
ESLW 962LS Low Intermediate Listening and Speaking X      
ESLW 962RW Low Intermediate Reading and Writing X      
ESLW 963LS Intermediate Listening and Speaking X      
ESLW 963RW Intermediate Reading and Writing X      
ESLW 964LS High Intermediate Listening and Speaking X      
ESLW 964RW High Intermediate Reading and Writing X      
LRSV 941B Effective Sentence and Paragraph Writing X      
LRSV 941C Effective Essay Writing X      
LRSV 945 Elementary Algebra Skills and Strategies X      
MATH 001C Just-In-Time Support for Pre-Calculus Algebra   X    
MATH 010C Just-In-Time Support for Statistics   X    
MATH 012C Just-In-Time Support for Applied Calculus   X    
MATH 104* Plane Geometry        
MATH 104R Geometry Review for Trigonometry X      
MATH 105* Pre-Statistics        
MATH 106* Intermediate Algebra        
MATH 106C Just-in-Time Support for Intermediate Algebra   X    
MATH 106P Preparation for Intermediate Algebra     X  
MATH 106R* Intermediate Algebra - Review        
MATH 903 Elementary Algebra X      
MATH 903P Preparation for Elementary Algebra     X  
MATH 903R Elementary Algebra Review X      
MATH TMP1 Transfer Math Preparation 1 - Preparation for Transfer Level     X  
MATH TMP2 Transfer Math Preparation 2 - Preparation for First Semester Calculus     X  
NCCH 110 Chemistry Jam and Prep     X  
NCIE 101 Integrated ESL: Beginning Low X      
NCIE 102 Integrated ESL: Beginning High X      
NCIE 103 Integrated ESL: Intermediate Low X      
NCIE 104 Integrated ESL: Intermediate High X      
NCIE 105 Integrated ESL: Advanced Low X      
NCIE 106 Integrated ESL: Advanced High X      
NCIE 120 ESL for Careers In Early Childhood Education 1 X      
NCIE 121 ESL for Careers in Early Childhood Education 2 X      
NCIE 130 ESL for Careers in Healthcare 1 X      
NCIE 131 ESL for Careers in Healthcare 2 X      
NCIE 203 ESL: Speaking-Listening Intermediate Low X      
NCIE 204 ESL: Speaking-Listening Intermediate High X      
NCMA 010C Mathematical Support for Elementary Statistics   X    
NCMA 108 Essential Math for Basic Skills Students - Elementary Algebra Part 1 X      
NCMA 109 Essential Math for Basic Skills Students - Elementary Algebra Part 2 X      
NCMA 110 Math Jam for Statistics     X  
NCMA 111 Math Jam for Transfer Preparation X   X  
NCMA 112 Math Jam for Calculus Preparation X   X  
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