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Music, Professional

Associate in Arts Degree

The Department of Music and Dance offers a comprehensive professional program designed to provide a wide variety of musical experience for the student seeking to transfer to a baccalaureate program in performance or music education for a career as a musician or music educator. The goal of the Associate of Arts in Music - Professional is to prepare students to transfer to a School of Music or conservatory to pursue a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, or Bachelor of Arts in Music. Courses required in the Associate of Arts in Music - Professional program lay a foundation for success in upper-division music coursework. Careers in music include: A. Music Teacher (Vocal, Instrumental, General Music): Community School, Parks & Rec Program, Public/Private K-12 School, College or University, and Private Music Teacher. B. Band, Orchestral, Choral Music Director: K-12 school ensemble director, College, Conservatory & University ensemble director, and Community ensemble director. C. Church or Synagogue Music Director: Cantor (Church, Synagogue), and Church Organist. D. Conductor (Vocal or Instrumental): Educational Settings (K-12, College, University), Church & Community Settings, and Community Choirs. E. Music Director (Musical Theater): K-12 school musical theater director, College, Conservatory & University musical theater director, and Community musical theater director. F. Composer or Arranger: Film, TV, Gaming, Commercial jingles, Songwriter, and Lyricist. G. Symphony Orchestra musician: Ballet: orchestra musician, conductor, Concertmaster (Orchestra), Section Leader (Orchestra), Section Member (Orchestra), and Orchestra Manager. H. Musical Theater Singer: Broadway, Off-Broadway, Touring Shows, National, Regional, Local. Concerts and Recitals: performer, producer, Floor Shows (Hotels, casinos, clubs), and Band Member (Vocalist). I. Opera Singer: Productions, Concerts and Recitals, and National, Regional, Local. Collaborative Pianist (Accompanist), Music Librarian, Music Therapist, Sound Designer, Sound Technician, Recording Artist, Studio Musician, Music Publisher, Music Copyist, Music Licensing Consultant, Music Producer, Radio Music Director, Music Store Manager, Music Instrument Sales Representative, Music Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist, Music Instrument Builder/Designer, and Piano Tuner/Technician. Music majors should meet with a full-time faculty member for advising and planning for timely completion of the AA degree in Music. NOTES: 1. Music majors with prior piano experience may meet the Piano Proficiency requirement (MUSC 031A/B) via credit by examination. Music majors with no prior piano experience should enroll in Beginning Piano (MUSC 030A/B) using elective units, to remediate prior to enrolling in Intermediate Piano (MUSC 031A/B). 2. Music majors deficient in knowledge of scales, key signatures, intervals and chords are advised to take Fundamentals of Music (MUSC 005) to remediate prior to enrolling in Theory Level 1 (MUSC 003A). 3. Audition is required for admission to large ensembles (MUSC 042, 048, 049), and the Applied Music program (MUSC 039A-G). Admission is based on the skill level and likelihood the student will be able to meet transfer audition requirements two years hence. 4. This is a high-unit program due to multiple, sequential subject matter courses beginning in the first semester in accordance with NASM standards. Students may need to take classes during Winter and/or Summer intersessions in order to complete the program, including all transfer GE requirements, in two years.

Theory, Musicianship, History, Piano, Digital Notation. (25 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
MUSC001Music History: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Periods3 units
MUSC002Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Periods3 units
MUSC003AMusic Theory Level 13 units
MUSC003BMusic Theory Level 23 units
MUSC004AMusic Theory Level 33 units
MUSC004BMusic Theory Level 43 units
MUSC020AMusicianship Level 11 unit
MUSC020BMusicianship Level 21 unit
MUSC020CMusicianship Level 31 unit
MUSC020DMusicianship Level 41 unit
MUSC031AIntermediate Piano, Level 31 unit
MUSC031BIntermediate Piano, Level 41 unit
MUSC066Digital Audio and Notation1 unit

Large Ensemble. Complete four semesters of the same course appropriate to major instrument of study, as determined by music faculty. (4 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
MUSC042Concert Choir1 unit
MUSC048Symphony Orchestra1 unit
MUSC049Symphonic Band1 unit

Applied Music. Complete four semesters in the same course based on major instrument of study. (4 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
MUSC039AApplied Music: Brass1 unit
MUSC039BApplied Music: Woodwind1 unit
MUSC039CApplied Music: Strings1 unit
MUSC039DApplied Music: Percussion1 unit
MUSC039EApplied Music: Piano1 unit
MUSC039FApplied Music: Guitar1 unit
MUSC039GApplied Music: Voice1 unit

Major Electives (4 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
MUSC005Fundamentals of Music3 units
MUSC006Introduction to Music Education2 units
MUSC007Film Music Appreciation3 units
MUSC009Jazz Music History3 units
MUSC010Music Appreciation3 units
MUSC026Techniques of Jazz-Rock Guitar2 units
MUSC027Introduction to Jazz Piano2 units
MUSC030ABeginning Piano, Level 11 unit
MUSC030BBeginning Piano, Level 21 unit
MUSC032ABeginning Voice, Level 11 unit
MUSC032BBeginning Voice, Level 21 unit
MUSC033AIntermediate Voice, Level 31 unit
MUSC033BIntermediate Voice, Level 41 unit
MUSC035ADiction for Singers: Italian, English & Latin1 unit
MUSC035BDiction for Singers: German, French & Spanish1 unit
MUSC036ABeginning Guitar - Level 11 unit
MUSC036BBeginning/Intermediate Guitar - Level 21 unit
MUSC036CIntermediate Guitar - Level 31 unit
MUSC036DIntermediate/Advanced Guitar - Level 41 unit
MUSC039HApplied Music: Commercial Music Production1 unit
MUSC040Chamber Singers2 units
MUSC042Concert Choir1 unit
MUSC043AIntroduction to Jazz Improvisation2 units
MUSC043BJazz Improvisation2 units
MUSC044AMusical Theater & Opera Scenes: Comic Opera2 units
MUSC044BMusical Theater & Opera Scenes: Verismo Opera2 units
MUSC044CMusical Theater & Opera Scenes: Mid-20th Century Musicals2 units
MUSC044DMusical Theater & Opera Scenes: Modern Musicals2 units
MUSC048Symphony Orchestra1 unit
MUSC049Symphonic Band1 unit
MUSC051Jazz Band2 units
MUSC052AJazz Combo: Early2 units
MUSC052BJazz Combo: Swing1 unit
MUSC052CJazz Combo: Bebop1 unit
MUSC052DJazz Combo: Fusion1 unit
MUSC053AChamber Music: Early1 unit
MUSC053BChamber Music: Classical1 unit
MUSC053CChamber Music: Modern1 unit
MUSC053DChamber Music: World1 unit
MUSC054History of Rock and Roll Music3 units
MUSC055World Music3 units
MUSC056Percussion Ensemble1 unit
MUSC057History and Culture of Hip-Hop3 units
MUSC061Jazz Singers2 units
MUSC062ASolo Performance in Jazz and Popular Music1 unit
MUSC063AIntroduction To Music Production3 units
MUSC063BCommercial Music Production3 units
MUSC064Sound Design3 units
MUSC065ARecording Arts I3 units
MUSC065BRecording Arts II3 units
MUSC065CAudio Mixing & Production3 units
MUSC067ACreating Music for Film, TV, and Gaming: Foundations3 units
MUSC067BCreating Music for Film, TV and Gaming: Techniques3 units
MUSC069ASongwriting, Level 13 units
MUSC069BSongwriting, Level 23 units
MUSC070Music Business3 units

Total Major Units: 37 units

To be awarded an Associate Degree, a student must:

  1. Achieve a grade of “C” or better in the major requirements.
  2. Completion of WVC, CSU-Breadth, or IGETC General Education patterns. Students whose goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree should complete the CSU-Breadth or IGETC General Education pattern.
  3. Complete additional degree applicable units to meet the minimum 60-unit Associate Degree requirements.
  4. Total degree units: 68-70

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Perform standard solo and ensemble repertoire appropriate to the performance area
  • Demonstrate proficiency on voice or instrument in final jury, incorporating accurate performance practice based on historical eras and diverse musical styles
  • Develop and demonstrate informed artistic choices in performance
  • Critique musical performances with an awareness of vocabulary, musical style, performance practice, and interpretation suitable for transfer to a school of music
  • Demonstrate the ability to hear, identify and work conceptually with the elements of music, through sight-reading and musical analysis in placement exams
  • Create derivative or original music in extemporaneous and/or written form
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