Goals and Objectives

West Valley College instituted a sustainable and continuous institutional planning system that allows us to identify goals, assess institutional progress, and establish new goals based on the assessment.

The institutional planning process is a collaborative, informed dialogue that includes input and insights from all departments and participatory governance groups. Broad based involvement in annual goal planning is guaranteed by the representative composition of the College Council, which consists of members from all of the college's participatory governance groups.

When developing annual goals, College Council members goal planning activities are informed by the college's mission statement and assessment of goals from the previous year. The college's carefully crafted mission statement was developed via a deliberate vetting process that involved the college community and its stakeholders.

"The West Valley College community supports students along their pathways to reach transfer and career goals in an environment of academic excellent."

Once written and approved by the College Council, institutional goals and objectives are clearly communicated with the campus community so these stated purposes can serve as an overarching framework to guide the college's vision and day-to-day operational purposes.


Last Updated 2/4/19