Student Success Team

West Valley College institutionalized the implementation of SB 1456 (Student Success Act of 2012) as one of the three college priorities within the framework of Institutional Effectiveness.

The Institutional Effectiveness framework was vetted through the participatory governance process in fall 2012, enabling the college to establish a solid and strategic mechanism to implement required elements of the Student Success Act of 2012 and ensuring Student Success at West Valley College.

The Student Success Team is a newly configured structure that encompasses the former Basic Skills Advisory Committee, the Matriculation Committee, and the Student Equity, Access, and Success Committee. The Student Success Team is led by a newly identified Faculty Coordinator.

The Student Success Work Team members are being identified through the participatory governance process and the team plans to begin its work in March 2014.

The Student Success Team will ensure that SB 1456, the Student Success Act of 2012, will be smoothly implemented by providing seamless assessment, education plan, and orientation process for our new students. The Team will begin focusing on an institutional benchmarking process in consultation with the Academic Senate, College Council, and other constituency groups.  

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Institutional Effectiveness Framework
Last Updated 1/30/19