Technology Advisory Committee


TAC is a standing committee comprised of administrators, technology support staff, classified staff, and faculty members with a college-wide perspective of information technology use. TAC is charged with recommending technology and policy for labs, classrooms, the instructional network, and other instructional and college administrative technology. The committee originates budget recommendations, contributes to technology planning, and recommends hardware and software support. To achieve integration of District and College technology strategies, a member of TAC attends DISPAC meetings, and a DISPAC member attends TAC meetings.


Meetings generally scheduled for the second and fourth Friday, monthly, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in Fox 211. Any interested parties are invited to attend.

Committee Members 2014-2015

Pat Fenton Vice President of Administrative Services, Chair
Scott Ludwig Director of Communications and Instructional Technology
Daniel Nieman Web and Digital Media Producer
Alfred Yee Classroom Technology Specialist
Gary Cloman Server Systems Administrator
Donna Nguyen Editorial Specialist
Janis Kea Faculty, Distance Education Committee Co-Chair
Betsy Sandford Faculty, Library
William Clay Faculty, Distance Education Committee Co-Chair
Teresa Amos Server and Network Operations Manager, District


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last published: 12/11/18