Intro to Business BUS 51

Business and Society BUS 61

Negotiation Principles BUS 06

Human Relations and Leadership skills in Business BUS 66

Business Communication BUS 78

Business 81 Advetising Principles

Academic Service

Academic Advisor to the West Valley Business Club

Former StartUp Cup Judge

Former Advisor to Entrepreneurship Program

Former Advisor to Game Club


Bachelors of Arts in Education,    San Francisco State University

California teaching Credential, University of San Francisco

MBA, Jones International University

Executive Management Certificate, Michigan State University


18 years of Secondary School Teaching and Coaching

8 years in Semiconductor High Tech Industry in Silicon Valley

25 years in commercial Real Estate Brokeridge at Coliers International Real Estate

12 years as an Associate in West Valley


Mike's Company: CoachPoint

My profession is PEOPLE, my commodity for dealing with people is EDUCATION, organizational development, and leadership.

Last Updated 4/30/20