ENGL 1A: English Composition

ENGL 1B: Critical Thinking through Literature

ENGL 1C: Clear Thinking and Writing

ENGL 1CH: Honors Clear Thinking and Writing

ENGL 5B: British Literature

ENGL 7A: American Literature

ENGL 7B: American Literature 2

ENGL 41: Literature and Film

ENGL 43: Classical Mythology

ENGL 43H: Honors Classical Mythology

ENGL 46: Contemporary American Multicultural Literature

ENGL 46H: Honors Contemporary American Multicultural Literature

ENGL 49: Modern Fiction

ENGL 49H: Honors Modern Fiction

ENGL 905: English Fundamentals – A Preparatory Course

WGQS 1: Introduction to Women's Studies

WGQS 2: Women in the Arts: Multicultural Perspectives

WGQS 3: Introduction to Gender Studies

WGQS 4A: Women in World Cultures from Prehistory-1500

Academic Service

Faculty Fellow, LGBTQ+ students (2018-2019)

Faculty Lead for Student Equity (2017-2019)

Women, Gender, and Queer Studies Program Chair (2005-present)

Social Justice Studies Program Chair (2014-present)

F-word Global Gender Symposium Coordinator (2013-2020)

Language Arts Division Chair (2012-2018)

English Department Chair (2008-2012; 2021-present)

Puente Program Co-Coordinator (2005-2008)

English 905 Committee

Literature Committee

Minority Advocacy Committee (2006-2008)

GSA & EMPOWER Women's Studies Club Faculty Adviser (2003-2007)


My interdisciplinary background in philosophy, literature, and feminist, race, social justice, and queer studies has served me well as I've continued my academic work as an instructor and in various leadership roles at West Valley College since 2003. I'm proud to have written the transfer degree in Social Justice Studies and to currently be collaborating on the Ethnic Studies transfer degree for the college, and have also written curriculum for and chaired the English department and the Women, Gender, and Queer Studies program. I see my role at the college as promoting a combination of personal and academic empowerment in the students I teach and engage with, and relish opportunities to share with them my enthusiasm about the ways the arts inform and affect society and social progress.


M.A., English Literature, and Certificate in Teaching of Composition
San Francisco State University (2000)

Post-Graduate coursework in Doctoral Program in Literature
University of California, Santa Cruz (2001-2002)

B.A., Philosophy and Women's Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

Undergraduate Coursework
Harvard University

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