ENGL 1A: English Composition

ENGL 1B: Critical Thinking through Literature

ENGL 1C: Clear Thinking and Writing

ENGL 5B: British Literature

ENGL 7A: American Literature

ENGL 7B: American Literature 2

ENGL 41: Literature and Film

ENGL 43: Classical Mythology

ENGL 46: Contemporary American Multicultural Literature

ENGL 47: Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 49: Modern Fiction

ENGL 905: English Fundamentals – A Preparatory Course

WGQS 1: Introduction to Women's Studies

WGQS 2: Women in the Arts: Multicultural Perspectives

WGQS 3: Introduction to Gender Studies

WGQS 4A: Women in World Cultures, Prehistory-1500

Academic Service

Faculty Fellow, LGBTQ+ students

Faculty Lead for Student Equity

Women, Gender, and Queer Studies Program Chair

Social Justice Studies Coordinator

F-word Global Gender Symposium Coordinator

Language Arts Division Chair (2012-2018)

English Department Chair (2008-2012)

Puente Program Co-Coordinator (2005-2008)

English 905 Committee

Literature Committee

Minority Advocacy Committee

GSA & EMPOWER Women's Studies Club Faculty Adviser


M.A., English Literature Certificate in Teaching of Composition
San Francisco State University

Post-Graduate coursework in Doctoral Program in Literature
University of California, Santa Cruz

B.A., Philosophy and Women's Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

Undergraduate Coursework
Harvard University

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