SPAN 1/11A: Beginning Spanish

SPAN 1/11B: Beginning Spanish

SPAN 2A: Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 2B: Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 3A: Advanced Spanish Oral and Written Composition

SPAN 3B: Advanced Spanish Oral and Written Composition


M.A., Spanish
San Jose State University

M.A., Foreign Languages and Literatures
State University of Milan


  • 13 years teaching foreign languages from beginners to advanced levels in very diverse academic contexts
  • 9 years teaching at college level
  • Experience in organizing and coordinating study abroad programs

Personal Message to Students

Learning a language is not limited to grammar rules and vocabulary, it also involves culture; it provides a chance to enlarge our mental horizons. It truly is an interdisciplinary experience, which with will stay with you for life.

Personal Interests

  • Spending time with my family, walking, and spending time in nature
  • Finding new ways to incorporate music, movies, and video in a language class
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