MATH 3A/3B: Calculus and Analytical Geometry

MATH 4A: Intermediate Calculus

MATH 4B: Differential Equations

MATH 10: Elementary Statistic

MATH 19: Discrete Mathematics

MATH 105: Pre-Statistics

MATH 106: Intermediate Algebra

MATH 106R: Intermediate Algebra Review

MATH 106P: Preparation for Intermediate Algebra

MATH 902P: Pre-Algebra

MATH 903: Elementary Algebra

MATH 903P: Preparation for Elementary Algebra

MATH 903R: Elementary Algebra Review

MATH TMP1: Transfer Math Preparation 1 - Preparation for Transfer Level Mathematics

MATH TMP2: Transfer Math Preparation 2 - Preparation for First Semester Calculus

NCMA 108/109: Essential Math for Basic Skills Students - Elementary Algebra Parts 1 & 2

Current Academic Service

District ADA Advisory Committee

Faculty Mentor

Professional Development Committee

Sustainability Committee Chair

Past Academic Service

Academic Senator

First Year Experience (FYE) Instructor

Global Citizenship Committee

Mathematics Department Chair

Matriculation Advisory Committee


BA in Applied Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D in Applied Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

Professional Affiliations

Life memberships: The Mathematical Association of America (MAA), American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC)

AMATYC-MAA Project ACCCESS (Advancing Community Careers: Education, Scholarship, and Service) Co-Director

MAA Golden Section Chair, Vice-Chair, and Program Chair

MAA Committees: Articulation and Placement, Membership, Minority Participation in Mathematics, Two-Year Colleges Chair

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