GERM 1A: Beginning German

SPAN 1A: Beginning Spanish


My name is Ruth Conza-Roman. I come from Peru and my native language is Spanish. I also speak two other languages, German and English. I hold a BS in Accounting from Peru, a MA in Spanish Literature, and a MA in German Literature, both from San Francisco State University. I have taught in three different countries, which helps me now to interact well with a highly diverse population. I taught German and English in Peru and Spanish in Germany. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2001 I teach Spanish and German. I have been a Spanish and German instructor at West Valley College since 2015. Communicating with family and friends in Peru, Germany and the United States makes me see the immense value of languages. Learning them is worth every effort. I enjoy reading, traveling, playing tennis, running, and walking the beautiful trails of California.

Last Updated 4/7/23