Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Favorite Quote

"To make a dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream; The second is persistence." – Cesar Chavez

First Year at West Valley

2002 as a contract employee, 2014 as a Classified Professional.

Most Memorable Campus Experience

Graduation day for West Valley students. I love watching them succeed and being able to congratulate them.

Favorite Place on Campus

I love the Campus Center. It's a great place for community and connection. I have so many memories of numerous events there. Flex day, scholarship ceremonies and guest speakers just to name a few.

Affinity Words/ At-Promise Factors

Having come from an abusive environment for the majority of my life, getting a college degree really helped me gain confidence that the abuse took from me.

I was so blessed to start my college experience here at West Valley College. I can attest that the instructors here on this campus are a caring group of people. There are many opportunities for success right here. I got to experience support and encouragement at a level I never had had in my life.

The students that I have been privileged to mentor have verified that they have loved their experience here on our campus.

On the other side of my education, at San Jose State University, instructors there brag about the transfer student from West Valley College, saying that these students fare quite well and become lawyers and doctors and all are very successful.


Cinthia was born and raised in Italy. She came to America at the age of nine. Started school immediately and did not speak any English. She saw many challenges in her life and although was successful in school in the beginning years, her later years were a struggle because the abuse she suffered as a child created a barrier to learning at a more advanced level.

Later in her life she returned back to school and this time was able to learn and succeed. That success can only be attributed to the excellent people she met right here at WVC.

She always had a dream to work here on this campus, and although it did not happen right away, she was finally offered the position as the lab tech in WVC's biology department.

Cinthia enjoys being an advocate and mentor for the underprivileged student with a specialty in supporting and connecting with ESL students.

Academic Service

Professional Development Committee WVMCEA, Current

WVMCEA Vice President, 2018–2021

Classified Senate Senator, 2015–2018

Hiring Committees, 2015–2017

Personal Mentoring, Ongoing throughout career


AS Degree, Biology

BS Degree, Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies

Last Updated 2/15/22