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Math 901: Arithmetic Functions

Math 902P: Pre-Algebra

Math 903/903R: Elementary Algebra

Math 104: Plane Geometry

Math 106/106R: Intermediate Algebra

Math 000D: Trigonometry

Math 001: Pre-calculus Algebra

Math 002: Pre-calculus Alg& Trig

Math 003A: Calculus I

Math 003B: Calculus II

Math 004A: Intermediate Calculus

Math 004B: Differential Equations

Math 004C: Linear Algebra

Math 000G: Math for Liberal Arts

Math 008: Finite Mathematics

Math 010: Elementary Statistics

Math 012: Applied Calculus

Math 019: Discrete Mathematics

Math for Elementary School Teachers

Bachelor's of Science in Applied Mathematics
University of California, Davis

Master's of Science
University of California, Davis and California State University, Northridge

Continuing Graduate Education in Applied Math and Statistics
University of California, Santa Cruz

Culinary Arts
Cabrillo College

Prior to teaching at West Valley College, I taught mathematics at CSU Northridge, Cabrillo College, Monterey Peninsula College, and Hartnell College.

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