THEA 10: Theatre Appreciation (also Online and Honors)

THEA 21/22A: Technical Rehearsal and Performance

THEA 2: Lighting

THEA 11B: Survey of Drama: Modern Realism

THEA 40A: Beginning Acting

THEA 20/70: Studio and Mainstage Production - Director

Student Office Hours - Spring 2024
  • Monday: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Method: In Person
    Location: TA 28A
Also available by appointment.

Theatre Experience

Dr. Carol Fischer has worked in theatre for over 20 years. Her jobs at theatres and schools have included costume, light/sound design and execution, stage and production management, facility management, teaching lighting to both theatre and dance students, as well as leading classes in costume construction, acting, musical theatre history, and theatre appreciation, including online sections. Along with several directing credits, she has created technical and stage management guides for students, and trained student technicians.


Ph.D. Theatre Studies
UC Santa Barbara

M.A. Theatre Arts
San Jose State University

B.A. English
UC Santa Barbara

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