Courses Taught / Teaching

Arch 040, Fundamentals of Historic Preservation

Arch 041, Science of Materials in Historic Preservation

Arch 042, Architectural Restoration and Rehabilitation

Arch 043, Styles in Architecture

Arch 045, Architectural Building Codes

Arch 050, Construction Materials & Methods

Arch 051, Architectural Graphics: Drawing & Sketching

Arch 052, Architectural Graphics: Color Rendering

Arch 053, Introduction to Architectural & Environmental Design

Arch 056, Basic Architectural Design

Arch 058, Introduction to Revit Architecture

Arch 059, 3D Studio Max: 3D Rendering

Arch 061, Architectural Design I

Arch 062, Architectural Design II

Arch 063, Architectural Design III

Arch 066, Advanced Revit Architecture 

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M.S. in Architecture

Ph.D. in Monument Restoration


Registered Architect in Italy since 1984

International member of the American Institute of Architecture since 1998

Member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation since 1998

Member of the California State Parks Foundation since 2010

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Last Updated 9/30/20