Courses Taught / Teaching

Spring 2021:

Math 903 – Elementary Algebra

Math 2 – Pre-Caclulus Algebra and Trigonometry

Math 10/10C – Element Statistics with Support

Previous Semesters:

Math 902 - Arithmetic

Math 902P - PreAlgebra

Math 103 - Beginning Algebra

Math 106 - Intermediate Algebra

Math 106S - Intermediate Algebra for Non-Science Majors

Math 105 - Pre-Statistics

Math 8 - Finite Math

Math 10 - Elementary Statistics

Math 2 - Pre-Calculus with Trig

Math 3A - Calculus I

Math 3B - Calculus II

Math 4A - Calculus III

Math 4C - Linear Algebra

Academic Service


Co-Advisor for AGS

Co-Advisor for Supporters of Life


Professional Development Committee

FYE Task Force

Department Chair 2014-2015

EOPS Pal Academy


AA Math, West Valley College

AS Physics, West Valley College

    WVC Valedictorian

BA Math, San Jose State University

    Most Outstanding Grad. Senior

MS Math, San Jose State University

Non-Academic Interests

Church: worship team, children., etc.

Animals: dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Reading: romance / mystery novels...

Music: Christian rock, 80's, etc.

Dancing: Ballroom and Flamenco

Teaching Experience

I worked in the tutorial center while I was a student at West Valley College, and I loved helping my peers understand math.  When I transferred to SJSU, I continued tutoring privately and, when I was a grad student, I began teaching SJSU classes (some of the classes had over 100 students in them!).

Upon receiving my masters degree, I taught part-time at both San Jose State University and Foothill Community College until I was hired as a full time faculty at West Valley College in 2010.  This is my dream come true job!

Last Updated 1/27/21