Languages Spoken


Favorite Hobbies

I'm a maker... cooking, gardening, sewing, artwork, crafts, and friends.

First Year at West Valley


Most Memorable Campus Experience

My favorite day of the year is our EOPS Student celebration. It is the day we celebrate the fruition of a lot of hard work, effort and success by our students.

Favorite Place on Campus

The EOPS student area on a busy afternoon. So much energy and smarts happening!

Affinity Words/ At-Promise Factors

First generation, low-income, immigrant, ESL, DACA, foster youth, single parent, re-entry, Un-DocuAlly, safe space, LBGQT


Like many of our students, I delayed college until my mid-twenties. I love working with EOPS/CARE students! It is so gratifying to see the transformation and success that occurs with structure and attention. We help students build success for future generations.


AA, Studio Art
Santa Monica College

BA, Art History
CSU Long Beach

MA, Higher Education Administration,
San Jose State University

Last Updated 3/21/24