COMM 1: Public Speaking

COMM 4: Small Group Discussion

COMM 10: Persuasive Speaking

External Courses

Argumentation and Advocacy

Critical Decision-Making in Groups

Writing for Influence


Master's Degree of Communication Studies

Undergraduate Degree of Communication Studies


Morgan McKnight is an instructor of Communication Studies and has taught at multiple college campuses around Silicon Valley for the past three years. As a graduate student of Communication Studies at San José State University, Morgan focused his studies on Rhetorical Criticism and Organizational Communication. Upon completion of his graduate studies and having earned his M.A., Morgan made the quick transition into becoming a Part Time instructor of Communication studies. He has experience in teaching Public Speaking, Argumentation and Advocacy, Critical Decision-Making in Groups, and Writing for Influence. Morgan has found his passion and his calling in this profession, and takes pride in working with students, continually striving to push them to grow, learn, and to truly get the most out of their educational experiences.

Last Updated 10/29/20