BIOL 002: Environmental Biology

BIOL 010: Introduction to Biology

BIOL 010L: Introduction to Biology Lab

BIOL 012: Introduction to Ecology and Wildlife

BIOL 013: Natural History of California

BIOL 014: California Plants and Animals

BIOL 018: Marine Biology

BIOL 024: Biology in the News

BIOL 035: Biology of Birds

BIOL 036: Animal Behavior

BIOL 037: Evolution – Life on Earth

BIOL 038: Biodiversity and Extinction: Hotspots, Crisis and Conservation

BIOL 040: Organismal Biology

BIOL 041: Principles of Animal Biology

Academic Service

Faculty since 2000


B.S., Biology
University of Lund (Sweden)

M.A., Biology
University of California, Santa Cruz


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Student Office Hours - Spring 2024
  • Thursday: 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM
    Method: Hybrid
    Location: 55i
    Office hours are in person as well as via Zoom. Please see the syllabus or contact the instructor for a zoom link.
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