Useful Transfer Websites

  • Assist provides information regarding the courses needed for students to take for their major prior to transferring to a UC or CSU campus. It also outlines how course credits earned at one public California college/university can be applied when transferred to another.
  • Cal State Apply is an online resource designed to help students explore and learn about the California State University system, their transfer requirements, and information regarding specific CSU campuses. It is also the portal where students apply for admission.
  • University of California online undergraduate admission information and application network is designed to help students learn the about UC system, select a UC campus, plan to finance higher education, and apply for admission. Students can begin their UC application at any time by using their Transfer Admission Planner (TAP).
  • College Source is a virtual library with over 66,000 college catalogs from community colleges, 4-year institutions, graduate schools, and professional schools nationally and internationally.
  • Common Application is an online application system used by many private and out-of-state colleges and universities. 
Last Updated 12/14/23