Frequently Asked Questions

What is Priority Registration?

Sometimes called Priority Registration or Priority Enrollment

  • There are State-Mandated Priority Registration groups such as Veterans, Foster Youth, EOPS, CalWORKs & DESP participants. By state law, these groups must be given priority over all other students.
  • West Valley College has also established College Priority Registration for other student groups. These groups may register after the state-mandated groups.
  • Beginning in April 2014, all new students registering for Fall 2014 and beyond must complete Self-Guided Placement, orientation, and have at least a preliminary Ed Plan (3 core requirements) in order to have “priority registration”.
  • Students who have not completed the 3 core requirements will register later than those who have completed these requirements.

For more information see the Student Success Act

How do I register for classes?

If a student misses two semesters (fall/spring), the student will need to file an application for admission.

If class has not started and is not closed, students may register through the WVCportal or in person, at the Admissions Office.
If class has started or is closed, students will need to obtain an add code from the instructor.

How do I know if I'm a full-time or half-time student?

Full-time students must be enrolled in 12 units or more.
Half-time students must be enrolled in 6 - 11.5 units.
This is solely for Fall and Spring semesters.
Please see a Counselor to discuss registration status when taking winter and summer term courses.

If proof of enrollment is required, students may request a verification letter from the Admissions & Records Office for a fee of $2.00 or print their current class schedule from the WVCportal.

How do I prove I have met a course prerequisite?

If a prerequisite course was taken at West Valley College, the system will automatically verify it and allow registration. If taken at another institution, an unofficial transcript, grade report or in progress print out should be submitted to the Assessment Office. Students also have the option to submit a challenge form along with supporting documents to the Assessment Office. Final decision will be made within 2 business days.

How many times can I repeat a class?

Students are not allowed to repeat courses that have been successfully completed with a grade of A, B, C or P.

Students may repeat any course in which a substandard final grade (D, F, NP or W) was earned.
If a student fails the same course TWICE, he/she is required to register in person, at the Admissions Office, for the THIRD and final attempt.
An Academic Appeal Petition must be submitted to the Admissions Office for a FOURTH attempt when documented extenuating circumstances have occurred.

See the college catalog for more information regarding course repetition for substandard work, documented extenuating circumstances and/or significant lapse of time.

When is the last day to register for a class?

The last day to register for a class is the day before the class begins, as long as there is space available.
Once the class begins, students must obtain an Add Code from the instructor.

Can I audit a class and how do I sign up?

Students must exhaust all registration possibilities before an audit is allowed.

Some departments allow students to audit their classes for a reduced fee.
Audit slips are obtained through the Division Office, signed by the instructor and processed in the Admissions Office after the ADD/Drop period has ended.
No academic credit, record or grade is given.
High School students (Concurrent enrollment) are not allowed to audit.

Where do I get an Add code?

ADD codes are obtained from the Instructor and may be used to add a class through the WVCPortal.

How do I know if my class was cancelled?

  • A cancellation email will be sent to you.
  • A cancellation notice will be posted on the classroom door.
  • Check with the Division Office.

Do I need my instructor's signature to drop a class?

No signature is needed, except when dropping courses for Photography, Chemistry and Physical Education.

I am unable to attend the first class meeting(s). What should I do?

Contact the instructor by email and/or by phone and leave a message.

For Instructor e-mail and phone numbers -
Go to and select "Directory" (at the top of the page), then click the link for faculty and staff listing.
If you are unable to locate the instructors information, contact the division office Administrative Specialist.

When is the last day to drop with a full refund and without a "W"?

For Semester-length Classes -
The last day to drop a semester-length class with a refund and without a "W" is within the first two weeks of the class.

For Short-term Classes -
Students must drop within 10% of the total class meetings.

See the WVC Dates and Deadlines page for specific dates.

I am a high school student, how do I submit my grade to my school?

Students can order an official transcript through the WVCportal or request an official transcript from the Admissions Office.

How do I know which books I need for my class?

  • Obtain a list of required books from Under Quick Links, click on: Book Store > Purchase Textbooks Online.
  • Print a copy of your class schedule from the WVCPortal and bring it to the book store for assistance.
  • The instructor will provide a list of required books on the course syllabus.

How do I print a schedule of my classes?

Students can print their current class schedule from the WVCportal, under registration.

How do I pay for my classes?

  • Online through the WVCPortal, click on Student > Student Account > Nelnet Payment Options.
  • On campus at the Admissions and Records Office.
  • By U.S. mail (send payment to:West Valley College Attn. Admissions Office).

Accepted payment type - Visa, Master Card, check or cash.

I received the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) - formerly BOGW. Why am I being charged fees?

The fees waived by the CCPG are the Enrollment fees (the cost per unit), however students are required to pay the College Basic Fees (Campus Center, Health Services, Web Reg and Associated Services fees) and any other fees associated with their classes.
Parking permits for CCPG recipients are discounted for fall and spring.

How do I receive my financial aid?

West Valley Mission Community College District has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund.

ATM is located in the Campus Center.

I can't afford my books. What are my options?

  • Text books are available in the library to use for up to 2 hours at a time.
  • Students can borrow all textbooks available for a class in exchange for a donation of 10 cans of food to Second Harvest Food Bank. Quantities are limited. Please visit the Library Reference Desk any time during the semester.

Do I need a parking permit and where do I get one?

Parking permits are required at all times except in visitor parking.
Note: There is no grace period during the Summer Session.

Daily permits can be obtained at the parking machines throughout the various parking lots on campus.
Semester permits can be purchased online or at the Admissions Office. California College Promise Grant (CCPG)
eligible students pay a reduced fee for semester permits.

See the District Police parking page for more information.

Do I need to take the assessment test in order to register for my classes if I don't want a degree?

It is recommended that students complete the self-guided placement process to help determine which Math and English classes might be more appropriate. Follow these four easy steps:

1. Review the English and Math Course sequence in the schedule of classes.

2. Have access to:

  • Unofficial high school transcripts
  • AP Test Scores for English and/or Math if applicable
  • SAT /ACT Scores

3. Navigate the Self-Guided Placement at Assessment.

4. Write down or take a picture of your results.

When can I make an appointment to see a counselor?

Schedule an appointment online, in-person or call 408-741-2009.

Drop-in counseling is subject to counselor availability. Drop in counseling is for quick questions (10 minute maximum time allowed).

Distance Counseling is also available for help with academic or procedural questions.

New students are required to complete an orientation before making an appointment. Students are exempt from orientation if they...

  • Have obtained an Associate Degree or higher
  • Have completed orientation at another Community College
  • Are only taking classes for personal enrichment (example: Yoga)
  • Are a continuing student at an accredited University
  • Are taking a course which is mandated for employment

What does the designation LHS in the class schedule stand for?

LHS means the classes are offered at Leigh High School (LHS).

Last Updated 4/20/21