Division and Department Contacts

All Phones are (408) 741 + the extension number

NOTE: This list is subject to change. Please contact the department or office for the most current information.


Division Administrator Extension Office
Vice President, Academic Affairs / Provost Vacant    
Vice President, Administrative Services Pat Fenton 2056 FOX
Vice President, Student Services Stephanie Kashima 2438 SSC
Dean of Instruction / Vice Provost Chris Dyer 4675 Library
Dean, Career Education and Workforce Development Brad Weisberg 4084 CIL 102E
Dean, Art and Design Andrew Chandler 2074 CIL 103Q
Dean, Health and Human Development John Vlahos 4606 PE 1B
Dean, Language Arts Jennifer Johnson 2113 LA/SS
Dean, Professional Studies Renee Paquier 2180 CHE 103A
Dean, Science and Math Laura Hyatt 2115 SM 1A
Dean, Social Science Raymond Gamba 2116 LA/SS 2A
Dean, Student Equity and Success Debra Griffith 4616 SSC 112
Interim Dean, Student Services Mae Conroy 2020 SSC

Management Assistants

Division Assistant Extension Office
Administrative Services, Vice President Donna Breckenridge 2650 FOX
Office of Instruction, Vice President and Provost Sonia McVey 2183 Library
Student Services, Vice President Angela Sias 2119 NWP 1

Administrative Specialists

Division Specialist Extension Office
Art and Design Rose Perez-Nelson 2013 CIL 103
DESP Tanya Southworth 2109 SSC
Health and Human Development Patrick Spink 2017 PE
Language Arts Paula Flynn 2016 LA/SS
Professional Studies Lynn Kelly 2012 CHE 101A
Science and Math Aleksandra Martin 2018 SM
Social Science Teri Langworthy 2019 LA/SS
Noncredit Education Mona Harris 3064 Library 21

Department Chairs

Division Department Chair Extension Office
Art and Design Design (Architecture, Digital Media, Fashion Design, and Interior Design) Diane Hurd 2110 CIL 103A
Art and Design Music and Dance Lou De La Rosa 4663 CIL 103A
Art and Design Theater and Film William Clay 2619 TA 1D
Art and Design Visual Art (Art, Photo) Cynthia Reiss 2533 CIL 103W
Health and Human Development Health Care Technologies, Health Science, and Nutrition Studies Kris Gaiero 4019 CIL
Health and Human Development Kinesiology Heidi Davis 2522 PE 1W
Language Arts Communication Studies John Hannigan 2629 LA/SS 4C
Language Arts English Jeanette Richey 2481 LA/SS 3G
Language Arts Reading and ESLW Sylvia Ortega 2465 LA/SS 3L
Language Arts World Languages Silvia Castellini-Patel 2076 LA/SS 2K
Professional Studies Accounting, Business, and Real Estate Jim Henderson 4609 CHE 108B
Professional Studies Child Studies Leslie Hotta 4601 CHE 109A
Professional Studies Computer Information Systems and Engineering Takyiu Liu 2675 CHE 108D
Professional Studies Legal Studies (Administration of Justice, Court Reporting, and Paralegal) Stacy Hopkins 2445 CHE 110C
Professional Studies Park Management Chris Cruz 2622 CHE 110A
Science and Math Biology Leticia Gallardo
Nathan Norris
SM 55H
SM 55E
Science and Math Chemistry Glenn Eldridge 2569 SM 19D
Science and Math Math Shannon Wong 4040 SM 4A
Science and Math Physical Sciences (Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography, Physics, Physical Science) Mel Vaughn 2483 SM 45D
Social Science Anthropology, Geography, and Philosophy Andrew Kindon 2554 LA/SS 2F
Social Science Economics Janis Kea 2538 LA/SS 2E
Social Science Political Science, Sociology, and Humanities Nichola Gutierrez 2557 LA/SS 1D
Social Science Psychology and History Jose Bautista 2492 LA/SS 1F
Library Library Yanghee Kim 2484 Library
Counseling Counseling Michael Byers 2196 SSC
DESP DESP/Learning Services Cheryl Miller (Coordinator) 2620 SSC
Tutorial Center Success Center Jennifer Wagner (Coordinator) 2615 Tutorial Center
WGQS and Social Justice Studies Program Chair Leigh Burrill 4054 SSC


Position Person Extension Office
Administrative Assistant, Continuing Education (Noncredit) Cathy Aimonetti 2655 Library 17
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Vacant
Management Analyst Doonu Barife 2462 Library
Administrative Assistant Pertilla Domingue 3066 Library 1
Dean and Vice Provost Chris Dyer 4675 Library
Instructional Technology Analyst Max Gault 2627 Library
Administrative Specialist, Continuing Education (Noncredit) Mona Harris 3064 Library 21
Director, Continuing Education (Noncredit) Janet Lyle 2137 Library
Assistant to Interim Provost and Vice President Sonia McVey 2183 Library
Administrative Assistant to Dean Karen Okamoto 3951 Library
Management Analyst Luis Portillo 3063 Library
Administrative Assistant, Academic Senate Sharon Storm 2075 Library
Articulation Officer Michael West 4037 Old Tutorial Room 18
Position Person Extension Office
Assistant to Vice President Donna Breckenridge 2650 FOX
Server Systems Administrator Gary Cloman 4047 CIL 121
Vice President Pat Fenton 2056 FOX
Duplicating Services Specialist Jason King 2120 Library
Supervisor Elizabeth Maciel 2148 FOX
Editorial Specialist Donna Nguyen 2178 Library
Web and Digital Media Producer Daniel Nieman 2578 Library
Financial Analyst Leslie Pollock 2531 FOX
Financial Analyst Cher Vinson 4679 FOX
Classroom Technology Specialist Alfred Yee 2167 Library
Position Person Extension Office
Educational Testing and Tech Specialist Azar Babakan 2080 SSC
Veterans' Benefits, Financial Aid Juvylyn Balanza 2039 SSC
Director, Enrollment and Financial Services Maritza Cantarero 2611 SSC
Interim Dean Mae Conroy 2020 SSC
Dean, Student Equity and Success Debra Griffith 4616 SSC 212
Director, Student Needs Samantha Hernandez 4018 SSC 207F
Administrative Assistant, Counseling Julie Hoopes 2507 SSC
Vice President Stephanie Kashima 2438 SSC
Administrative Assistant, Student Development Yalem Lakew 2006 Campus Center
Assistant Director, Admissions and Records Ana Lobato 2417 SSC
Supervisor, Outreach/Student Recruitment Joe McDevitt 4643 SSC
Veterans' Benefits, Financial Aid Sonia Nevarez 2601 SSC
Supervisor, Financial Aid Lien Pham 2434 SSC
Assistant to Vice President Angela Sias 2119 SSC
Administrative Assistant, Welcome Center Susie Tong 2143 SSC
Administrative Assistant, Student Equity and Success Andrea Washington 2564 SSC 212
Position Person Extension Office
Puente Program Joe Bucher 2614 SSC
Department Chair Michael Byers 2196 sSSC
Middle College Program, HS Instructor Annie Blank 2529 SSC
Athletics Andrew Cardamone 4033 PE 1A
TRiO Alicia Cardenas 2649 SSC
Athletics Freba Cognetta 2491 SSC
Professional Studies Maryam Fard 4068 CHE 105B
DESP Jean Finch 4034 SSC
Transfer Center Tom Golbetz 4022 SSC
Middle College Program, HS Instructor Josh Hancock 2529 SSC
First Year Experience Hideo Ikeda 2508 SSC
Social Science Jennifer Keh 2592 LA/SS 2H
DESP Erika Llantero 4027 SSC
CalWORKs Program Marta Mora Evans 4007 CIL 102
Coordinator, International Students Sara Patterson 2694 SSC
Puente Program Leslie Saito-Liu 4010 SSC
Director and Counselor, Transfer Center Melissa Salcido 2102 SSC
UMOJA (SUCCESS) Program Philip Severe 2493 SSC
Athletics Wanda Wong 2528 SSC
Position Person Extension Office
Director David Esmaili 4693
Administrative Assistant Rebecca McConnell 2661 CIL 102D
Dean Brad Weisberg 4084 CIL 102
Position Person Extension Office
Program Specialist, Title IV–E Pat La Sala 408-378-0843 Campbell Center
Last Updated 9/30/19