Budget Planning & Resource Allocation


Budget and Resources Advisory Council's Homepage

The Budget and Resources Advisory Council (BRAC) is a participatory sub-committee of the College Council, comprised of representation from the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Associated Students Organization (ASO) Student Senate, and administration.  Reporting to the College Council, (BRAC) guides the overall budget and resource allocation process, including establishing the budget and planning timeline, implementation of related procedures, and the policies and criteria used as the basis for evaluation of proposals. 

BRAC Foundation and Principles

Integrated Planning graphic

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), along with the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), set the foundation measurement of the college’s institutional effectiveness.  To the degree that SLOs and PLOs depict a program’s ability to adequately meet their stated objectives, these measures help to identify resource requirements, whether in terms of facilities use, equipment needs, staffing, supplies and materials, or other potential resources to be employed by the program in order to achieve or to improve the program’s results.

Last Updated 1/30/19