My classes are online, asynchronous, distant education based. Students use Canvas, our college Learning Management System to access class content around the clock. There are NO scheduled meeting times. Canvas automatically records attendance as you read course content and complete assignments. Course assignments include chapter quizzes, crossword puzzles, and narrative discussion questions. Students are expected to pass an open book, timed mid-term and final exam with no less than a 70% passing grade, for acceptance of course work by the California Department of Real Estate.

Students without a textbook, will not pass my courses. Students are urged to have a PC with a highspeed internet connection. While my classes do not include video meetings, I use YouTube video supplements to reinforce real estate concepts.

Please note my preclass emails are SENT TO YOUR COLLEGE EMAIL ADDRESS in the two week period before each class start date.

Upcoming Classes

-------- Spring 2023 --------

RLST 99: RE Property Management

RLST 96A: RE Investments. (Effective Spring 2023, the REI course is taught by Yin Shih. Yin is a commerical appraisal assoicate, RE Broker, and a commerical real estate investor.) See my 2022 RE Investments class for general class information including the textbook.

-------- Summer 2023 --------

June 5, 2023 - July 15, 2023

*RLST 90: Principles of Real Estate

*RLST 99: RE Property Management

*An accelerated term compressed into 29 business days. Early access to some class modules starts about 1 week before the semester official start date. Students are urged to obtain the textbook well in advance of the class start as reading assignments are intense at nearly a chapter every other day.  Printed paper and electronic textbooks are available.

Completed Classes & My Typical Class Rotation

-------- Fall 2022 --------

RLST 92: Real Estate Economics

RLST 99: RE Property Management

-------- Summer 2022 --------

*RLST 90: Principles of Real Estate

*RLST 99: RE Property Management

*An accelerated term compressed into 29 business days. 

-------- Spring 2022 --------

RLST 96A: RE Investments (Effective Spring 2023, the REI course is taught by Yin Shih)

RLST 99: RE Property Management

-------- Textbook Sources --------

WVC bookstore, and I recommend the college bookstore for the best pricing as other sources are unpredicable. 

Students Reference Info

WVC Distant Learning Program

Canvas Learning Management System

My Education

MBA - Golden Gate University

BA - University of La Verne

EE work at Chapman University

Allan Hancock College

US Air Force Community College

Appraisal Institute

University of Michigan

West Valley College


California Certified General Appraiser

MicroSoft MCSE (Legacy Status)

Previous Courses Taught

Appraisal: Principles, Procedures, Statistics, Advance Income, Discounted Cash Flow.

Tech: Operating Systems (OS), MS-DOS, Telecommunications (analog and digital), Micro$oft-Windows OS and Office Suite.

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