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B.S. - Health Science
California State University Northridge


M.P.H. - Masters in Public Health
San Jose State University


Previous Positions Held / Additional Experience

  • Director Health Programs (Operation Stroke) - American Heart Association
  • Health Program Developer - Caresoft Inc./ The Daily Apple (Health Website)
  • Clinical Health Educator - Kaiser Permanente
  • Instructor - Stanford Patient Education Chronic Disease Self-Help Programs
  • Health Instructor - Northern California National Kidney Foundation
  • Board of Directors - Northern California Society of Public Health Education
  • Licensed Physical Therapist - Various locations in San Diego County and Santa Clara County - Completed CSUN Physical Therapy program - Class 34.

My work as a Physical Therapist at medical clinics in southern San Diego County, near the U.S. Mexico border at Tijuana, is what first exposed me to the field of Public Health. I observed public health community workers running needle exchange programs to reduce HIV transmission. My interest in public health began as I leaned about risk reduction, health promotion, disease/injury prevention, and behavioral / biological / environmental factors that affect health outcomes. My interests grew in the areas of tracking health trends / data collection and interpretation, as well as general public health practices to reduce risks to populations. This resulted in a career transition as I went back to school and earned a Masters in Public Health and began a new career as a public health professional working in clinical settings as well as community organizations.  This eventually transitioned into me taking a full-time faculty position at West Valley Community College.

My Interests Outside of Teaching

I enjoy backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, hiking locally, and most important - spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Yosemite image

Patricia backpacking in the Sierras

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