Printing Services

Please Read Carefully for Print Requests

As many of you may have heard, West Valley’s Print Shop is temporarily closed until further notice. Some faculty may reasonably wonder, even with lockdown and with a reduced need for printing overall, “What do I do when I need to print something for my students or for staff?”
Option 1

The best thing to do is to use the Konica’s that reside in Division offices. Arrange according to Return to Work protocols and notification.

Option 2

If for some reason printing at Division Office’s Konica Copiers isn’t feasible, Elizabeth Maciel has arranged with Mission College Print Shop to have them service our printing needs during this time period. They are happy to assist us. Here are the details on how to request printing from Mission College:

  1. Send your requests to and attach a .pdf document with specific instructions about the details.
    1. For instance how many copies do you need and do you want single or double sided, color or b&w, etc…
    2. Include your Division Office location for Mail Route delivery. Note: If you don’t include this information, obtaining your print job will be delayed.
  2. Mission Shop is open Tuesday – Thursday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
  3. Turnaround for requests is 1-2 days. Jonna will email you once job is completed.
  4. Delivery
    1. Option A: Pick up at Mission College during open hours with advance notice to Jonna, or
    2. Option B: District delivery – Pickup as part of the District mail route. Print packages will be dropped off at WVC directly to the specific building, room, division office location provided.

Off-Site Printing

WVC discourages any off-site printing.

  • If the above options do not work for your particular situation, email your Dean or VP, who will discuss with my office.
  • Given our lockdown and the anticipated drop in printing requirements, printing and copying budgets have been reduced to accommodate other outstanding institutional and instructional needs that were not captured after tentative budgeting process.

Price List
Product Price/Unit
Black/white copies $0.05/each
Color copies $0.25/each
Spiral Bind $1.00/each
Transparencies $0.50/each
Cardstock Paper (any color/weight) $0.07/each
Color Paper (any color) $0.07/each
Lamination $1/feet
Shrink wrap/hole punch No charge
Cut $2.50

Mission Print Shop Contact Information

Jonna Bautista

Office: Gillmor 112

Phone: (408) 855-5198


Last Updated 8/19/20