Art Department

Welcome to the Art Department

The Art Department at WVC offers coursework in a variety of media including drawing, painting, design, sculpture, ceramics, photography, art history, computer arts and animation.

Our facilities include a bronze foundry, state-of-the art computer labs and lecture halls, ceramics, painting, and drawing studios and the Student Center Art Gallery.

Associate of Arts Transfer Degrees (ADT)

See the requirements for these degrees:

See more information about the Art Associate Degree for Transfer

Note:  The Associate Degree for Transfer can be seen as a minimum requirement for acceptance as a junior to CSU/UC and other transfer institutions. Many programs require additional portfolio reviews once accepted to the university. We recommend using the ADT as a great starting point, and adding as much extra art media experience that your course schedule will allow, in addition to the GE requirements.

Program Areas

Art History

Color and Design

These courses offer an introduction to the principles, elements, and terminology of two-dimensional and color design. The classes are transferrable and general pre-requisites for many Fine Art and Design Degree programs. Students will in 2-Dimensional Design have the opportunity to learn how design elements such as line, value, texture, shape, and basic color are organized by various principles such as repetition, variety, balance, and proportion. A wide variety of media will be used. Color Design is the study of color concepts based in theory and expression. Projects will focus on color attributes such as hue, value, intensity, weight, distance, temperature, color schemes, and color interaction.

Computer Art/Animation

West Valley College has joined a traditional media arts program with a critical issues oriented digital media curriculum to form the California State accredited 60 unit Associate of Arts Degree in Computer Arts: Animation. Students are provided comprehensive instruction in drawing, color and design, handbuilding, computer imaging and camera work as they relate to time-based visual media. These formal skills are developed in conjunction with the exploration of 19th and 20th century art influences; particularly the impact of technology on our world-view. The course work caters to those students with goals in:

  • the fields of computer animation, motion graphics and digital effects
  • transfer to academic arts programs
  • individual portfolio development

Students have convenient access to industry-standard media specific computer labs, production facilities in the Art, Music & Theater departments, as well as the KSAR6 Television production studios. It is within this collaborative environment, according to personal achievement goals that students work to produce portfolio quality demo work.

Drawing and Painting

The Art Department at WVC offers coursework in:

  • Beginning Drawing (ARTS 31A)
  • Expressive Drawing (Art 31b)
  • Representational Drawing (Art 31c)
  • Life Drawing: Beginning, Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced and Advanced (ARTS 35A, B, C, D)
  • Watercolor Painting: Beginning, Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced and Advanced (ARTS 47A, B, C, D)
  • Painting (Acrylic and Oil): Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced (ARTS 49A, B, C, D)


Sculpture and Ceramics

The Art Department at WVC offers coursework in:

  • Three Dimensional Design (Art 81)
  • Ceramics – Handbuilding: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced (ARTS 65A, B, C, D)
  • Potter's Wheel: Beginning and Continuing (ARTS 67A, B)
  • Sculpture: Beginning and Continuing (ARTS 85A, B)
  • Metal Casting: Beginning and Continuing (ARTS 88A, B)

Stem to STEAM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math)

Art is an important visualization tool for creating examples of complex concepts in the technical fields.

Art is also a technical field in itself.

The Art Department at West Valley College is dedicated to illustrating and inculcating important concepts of technical disciplines such as Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics in our curriculum.

Studies in the visual and performing arts foster creative thinking and problem solving skills, which help to make Silicon Valley an innovative place. Artists have, throughout time used the most technologically advanced tools to create their works. Artists also can help envision the future and identify solutions for problems with a unique methodology, collaborating with scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to realize real world products and projects.

This page will showcase some examples of these projects.

Computer Animation program

Art Gallery

West Valley College Gallery Objectives

WVC Art Gallery is committed to our Art students and exhibiting our students' works that have been created in our Art Studio classes. We have at least 2 Student Exhibitions per year along with one Art and Photography Faculty Exhibition. To be involved and/or to participate in exhibitions of your work, please enroll in one of our many Art, Digital Art and/or Photography classes.

The gallery is located on the lower level of the Campus Center.


Day Hours
Monday 10:45 AM – 1:50 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Friday Closed

Contact Information

Call the Art Department at (408) 741-2192

If you are interested in displaying your work at the West Valley Art Gallery, please download the Artwork Submission form and bring a copy with you.

For additional information and assistance, please contact Ron Guzman or Jason Challas.

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