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Admissions Process and Student Procedures

Admissions Department

Location: Student Services Center
Phone: (408) 741-2001
Regular Hours: Please visit the West Valley College website for current hours of service.

Admission Eligibility

The District has an open access policy. Students who are 18 years of age or older or those with a high school diploma, GED or High School Proficiency can complete an application to the colleges. Students can complete a paper or an online Application using CCCApply which is linked to each college’s website. Admission to West Valley College or Mission College is under the administration of the Admissions and Records Offices. The Director of Admissions makes final admission determinations. If the Admissions and Records Offices has reason to believe that the high school diploma is not valid or was not obtained from an entity that provides secondary school education, an official high school transcript will be requested for confirmation of validity.

Admission of all students includes determination of residency in the State of California. Specific and current admission procedures are published in the most recent versions of the college schedule of classes, catalog, and website. Persons eligible for admission may be high school graduates or equivalent; anyone 18 years of age or older, including those who have not graduated from high school; and transfer, out-of-state, or foreign students.

High school students who have completed the 9th grade are allowed to enroll in college level courses. High school students may participate in either the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CE) or the Dual Enrollment Program (DE). The college level courses are a part of their permanent college record and with permission from a high school administrator can also be used for high school credit.

International Students

West Valley College welcomes international students with a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • University transfer courses
  • Associate degrees and Associate Degree for Transfer
  • Occupational training programs
  • Personal or skill development opportunities

Obtain an International Student Application from West Valley College by:

  • Online: Application Forms
  • Phone: (408) 741-2001
  • Email: askwvcFREEWEST_VALLEY
  • Mail: West Valley College
    Attention: International Student Counselor/DSO
    14000 Fruitvale Avenue
    Saratoga, CA 95070-5698

Transfer Students

Students who have attended a college other than West Valley College are welcome to apply.

  1. Complete an application to the college.
  2. Complete a transcript evaluation form. Credits earned at an accredited college/university are eligible for transfer credit.
  3. Students must have completed a minimum of 12 units at the college before an evaluation will be completed.
  4. Submit official transcripts for external coursework and/or official AP reports to your transcript evaluation form.
  5. Once evaluation is completed, the student will receive an email notification.
  6. Schedule an appointment with a West Valley College counselor to review the evaluation.
  7. The evaluated units become part of the student’s permanent record at the college and cannot be removed.
  8. Major equivalencies must be approved by the department chair and are part of a separate evaluation.

Continuing Education Students

The School of Continuing Education offers noncredit courses and programs that are open to all in-state students who are 18 years of age at no cost. Classes and programs offer skills development and training in the following areas:

  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Adult Education
  • Basic Skills
  • Career Education (Vocational)
  • Job Training
  • Immigrant Education

For more information on course offerings and how to apply, please visit the School of Continuing Education website:

High School Students

High school students who have completed the 9th grade are allowed to enroll in college level courses and are referred to as Concurrently Enrolled students. The college level courses are a part of their permanent college record and can also be used for high school credit as well as college credit.

The Concurrent Enrollment Program has specific dates to submit completed application packets to the college. Concurrent Enrollment students are given a registration date and time once the Application is reviewed for completeness. Concurrent Enrollment students are allowed to register using the student portal. To be considered for admittance as a special part-time student below:

Procedure for Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students

  1. Complete an online application. Returning concurrent enrollment students must reapply every term.
  2. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Request Form and Health Services Form:
  3. Prerequisites: If your class requires a prerequisite, submit a copy of your high school transcript or AP scores and/or college transcript to [email protected]. Be sure to include your West Valley ID number and information on the courses you want to take.
  4. Prior to registration, all students must complete the Guided Self-Placement and the West Valley Welcome, pre-orientation:
  5. Courses numbered 900 above (basic skills) and kinesiology courses are NOT available to concurrent enrollment students.
  6. Enrollment is limited to 8 units within the district per term.

Dual Enrollment for High School Students

The Dual Enrollment Program provides high school students an opportunity to enroll in West Valley College courses, tuition free, and receive credit on both their high school and college transcripts. This program only applies to high school students whose districts have a College and Career Access Pathways (CCAPP) agreement with the West Valley College. The Dual Enrollment Program is intended to support students who may not already be college bound or who are underrepresented in higher education. The goal of the program is to develop seamless pathways to community college for career technical education or preparation for transfer, improving high school graduation rates, or helping high school students achieve college and career readiness and underachieving students, those from groups underrepresented in postsecondary education, those who are seeking advanced studies while in high school, and those seeking a career technical education credential or certificate.

College Advantage Program for High School Students

The College Advantage Program is open to seniors at Campbell Union High School District and the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District. The program will place them on the West Valley College campus for all classes during their senior year, obtaining an early start on transferable college credits. Students may take up to 11 units per regular semester and may enroll in up to two classes in the winter and summer sessions.

Middle College Program for High School Students

The Middle College Program offers a special opportunity to juniors and seniors from Campbell Union High School District and Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District to pursue an academic experience housed entirely at West Valley College. This program is suited for students who are seeking a more challenging academic program and who have the social and academic skills to successfully participate in college level classes. The program is housed entirely on the West Valley College campus, so students are no longer actively involved on their campuses of origin. They do, however, receive a diploma from their “home” high school, and they are allowed to participate in that school’s graduation ceremonies.

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