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Academic Renewal

Pursuant to California regulations governing community colleges, a student is permitted to request that substandard academic work (D, F, NP or NC) be disregarded from his/her cumulative grade point average when such work does not reflect current demonstrated ability or level of performance. A maximum of 24 units of course work may be requested from either one or both colleges in the student’s cumulative grade point average. A student who wishes to qualify for a degree, certificate, or transfer may petition the designated academic appeals committee at their college of attendance by submitting their petition to the appropriate college office. Academic renewal does not guarantee that other colleges will accept this action. The acceptance of academic renewal is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Limitations to Academic Renewal:

  1. A maximum of 24 units of work which is substandard (D, F, NP, NC) and not reflective of the student’s present scholastic level of performance may be alleviated and disregarded in the computation of grade point average.
  2. A period of at least two semesters must have elapsed since the most recent work to be alleviated was completed.
  3. Subsequent to the semester(s) for which academic renewal is sought, the student must have completed an additional 12 semester units of study in the District or at another accredited institution with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 or 24 semester units of work with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00.
  4. The College will disregard courses selected by the student in consultation with a Counselor.
  5. The academic renewal policy will ordinarily be applied only when alleviation of prior work is necessary to qualify a student for: a program, transfer to another institution, completion of a certificate program or graduation from the College.
  6. Determination of the applicability of this policy will be made only following formal application to the appropriate College appeals body.
  7. When academic work is alleviated, the permanent record shall be properly annotated in a manner to ensure that all entries are legible, and that a true and complete record is maintained. Academic renewal is not reversible once posted to the transcript.
Last Updated 7/19/23