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Nonevaluative Symbols

1. I - Incomplete

a. The grade “I” may be recorded when students doing passing work and regularly attending at least 75% of a course are unable to take the final exam or otherwise complete the course because of illness or other unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons. Conditions for the removal of the “Incomplete” shall be set forth by the faculty member in a written record which also indicates the grade assigned in lieu of removal. The student will receive a copy of this record and a copy will be filed by the Director of Admissions and Records or the responsible Vice President. A final grade will be assigned by the faculty member when the stipulated work has been completed and evaluated. The ‘I’ grade shall not be used in either calculating units attempted or for the computation of the grade point average.

b. An “Incomplete” grade must be made up no later than one year following the end of the term in which it was assigned. Established College procedures may be utilized to request a time extension in cases involving unusual circumstances.

2. IP - In Progress

a. This symbol is to be used in the student’s permanent record to confirm enrollment and to indicate that the class extends beyond the normal end of the term. It indicates that work is “In Progress” and that unit credit and a grade will be assigned when the course is completed.

b. If a student enrolled in an open-entry, open-exit course is assigned an “IP” grade and does not re-enroll for the subsequent attendance period, the faculty member will assign an evaluative symbol, in accordance with evaluative symbols in 5.6.5(a) above, to be recorded on the student’s permanent record for the course. The “IP” grade shall not be used in the computation of grade point average.

3. RD - Report Delayed

a. This symbol is to be used only by the Director of Admissions and Records or the designee of the responsible Vice President for the purpose of indicating that there has been a delay in reporting the grade due to circumstances beyond the control of either the student or the Admissions and Records Office. It is to be replaced by a permanent symbol as soon as possible.

b. The “RD” grade shall not be used in the computation of the grade point average.

4. W - Withdrawal

a. The student may withdraw from a semester length class through the end of the 2nd week and no notation will be made on the student’s academic record. In courses of less than a regular semester’s duration, a student may withdraw prior to the completion of 10 percent of the period of instruction and no notation will be made on the student’s record.

b. Thereafter, a student may withdraw from a semester-length class, whether passing or failing, at any time through the last day of the twelfth week of instruction and a “W” grade shall be authorized. In courses of less than a regular semester’s duration, a student may withdraw prior to the completion of 75 percent of the period of instruction
and a “W” grade shall be authorized.

c. The academic record of a student who remains in class beyond the time periods set forth above must reflect an authorized symbol other than “W.” However, after the end of the twelfth week (or after 75 percent of the period of instruction in courses of less than a regular semester’s duration), withdrawal may be authorized in the case of
extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. In such cases, the student must submit a petition in accordance with established College procedures. Approved withdrawal, under the conditions set forth, shall be recorded as a “W.”

d. A student is only allowed to attempt a three times when they receive a W, NP, D or F grade. The student will have to visit Admissions & Records to request the third and final repeat in person during the registration period.

5. MW - Military Withdrawal

a. “Military Withdrawal” occurs when a student who is a member of the active or reserve United States military service receives orders necessitating a withdrawal from classes. Upon verification of such orders, the withdrawal symbol of “MW” shall be assigned. Military Withdrawals shall not be counted in “satisfactory progress” probation and dismissal calculations. Further, the following courtesies are available to the student:

i. In lieu of an “MW” symbol, a student may directly petition the faculty member for an Incomplete (“I”) grade. If granted, the student will receive an “IMW.” This grade will default to a “MW” grade as opposed to one of the standard letter grades if the student fails to ever complete the class.

ii. In the case of a student who is an active or inactive member of the military service and who receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses, the District shall, upon petition of the affected student, refund the entire enrollment fee for courses in which academic credit is not awarded.

b. Appeals of Withdrawal Decisions: A student may appeal a decision regarding withdrawal in accordance with District policy, 5.21 (Student Grievances and Appeals) and the California Education Code. The District shall maintain procedures for such appeals and those procedures shall be published and widely available to students.

6. EW - Excused Withdrawal

(In accordance with Title 5, section 55024(e), the governing board of a district shall adopt an EW procedure based upon verifiable documentation supporting the request. An EW is acceptable when a student withdraws from a course(s) due to reasons beyond their control, which include but are not limited to, the following:

a. Job transfer outside the geographical region;

b. Illness in the family where the student is the primary caregiver;

c. An incarcerated student in a California State Prison or County Jail is released from custody or involuntarily transferred before the end of the term (In the case of an incarcerated student, an excused withdrawal cannot be applied if the failure to complete the course(s) was the result of a student’s behavioral violation or if the student requested and was granted a mid-semester transfer);

d. The student is the subject of an immigration action;

e. Death of an immediate family member;

f. Chronic or acute illness;

g. Verifiable accidents; or

h. Natural disasters directly affecting the student.

Verifiable documentation can include, but is not limited to a note from a doctor stating the student is not currently able to complete the work due to illness, employment verification of a new job, a booking report, police report of an accident, or any other documentation that proves the student’s completion of a course is impractical. The Chancellor’s Office defines impractical as impossible due to reasons beyond the student’s control. The determination shall be made by the local college’s admissions and records office. A student may request to use an EW for only one course or all courses in a term depending on the reason for the request. It is possible a student, based on an illness for example, is not able to participate in an in-person course but is able to continue with online courses. Colleges should use individual case facts to determine the continuity of some courses and not others. A student with an approved EW grade may file a petition with the district requesting a refund of the enrollment fee. Therefore, the governing board of a district shall adopt a procedure for refunding the entire fee for an approved EW grade, unless the student is awarded academic credit or they received a grant paying for the enrollment fee or waiver of these. Units for courses assigned an EW grade may be included in FTES calculations and reporting. In accordance to Title 5, section 55024 (e), an EW symbol may be requested by the student at any time during the semester and no later than the date when WVMCCD the district/college policy allows a grade change. Excused Withdraw shall not be counted in progress probation or dismissal calculations nor shall it be counted towards the permitted number of withdrawals or counted as an enrollment attempt. The financial aid of a student may be affected depending on individual circumstance. A student should consult with the financial aid staff regarding any impact. These guidelines are to be effective immediately. All districts shall communicate the option of an EW to all students in the same method other withdraw options are communicated. This can be via grading policy publications, website postings, course catalog, and/or petition forms.

Last Updated 7/19/23