Late Start Classes

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The following is a list of late-start classes. These classes are shorter-term classes that begin after the first week of the semester. Some of these classes are asynchronous and do not have scheduled meetings. Others are synchronous and have regularly scheduled meetings via videoconferencing. Please view the details of the course in the Online Searchable Schedule. This is a great opportunity to register for a class after the start of the semester.

Fall 2023

Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
CHST 1 72706 Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children 9/18 12/16
CHST 272718Child Growth and Development9/1812/16
CHST 34A72744Introduction to the Child With Special Needs9/1812/16
CHST 34C72796Guidance and Strategies for Challenging Behaviors9/1812/16
CIST 272302Introduction to Computing9/1812/8
COMM 173451Public Speaking9/1812/7
COMM 173453Public Speaking9/1812/7
COMM 1 74329Public Speaking9/1812/7
COMM 473450Small Group Discussion9/1812/7
COUN 573147College Success9/1812/6
COUN 573148College Success9/1812/6
COUN 1273154Careers and Life Styles9/1812/6
ENGL 1A73011English Composition9/1812/7
ENGL 8073615Voices: The Literary Arts Magazine9/1812/6
HIST 17A73084United States History9/1810/27
HIST 17B73092United States History9/1811/9
HSCI 1272531Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective9/1812/14
HSCI 1472532Concepts of Public Health and Society9/1812/14
HTCH 572538Basic Medical Terminology9/1812/16
LIBR 473223Information Competency9/1810/27
MUSC 572698Fundamentals of Music9/1812/16
MUSC 772699Film Music Appreciation9/1812/16
MUSC 972700Jazz Music History9/1812/16
MUSC 5472749History of Rock and Roll Music9/1812/16
NCBU 472564Excel for Accounting and Bookkeeping9/1812/11
NCBU 674318Quickbooks: Set-up/Services Bu9/1812/15
PARA 29B72288Paralegal Internship9/1812/4
SOCI 172389Introduction to Sociology9/1812/15
SOCI 4072392Marriage and Family Sociology9/1812/15
THEA 1072676Introduction to Theater9/1812/6
COMM 873285Interpersonal Communication9/1912/7
COMM 8 73285Interpersonal Communication9/1912/7
COMM 873285Interpersonal Communication9/1912/7
ENGL 1A73010English Composition9/1912/7
NCBU 774299Quickbooks: Merch. and Payroll9/2012/13
NCBU 5472567Small Business Start-up9/1910/19
PSYC 173097General Psychology9/1910/27
PSYC 973115Psychology of Women: A Multicultural Perspective9/1912/7
NCBU 772566Quickbooks: Merchandising and Payroll9/2012/13
NCWP 21072660Microsoft Word9/2011/8
NCWP 22072663Introduction to Google Workspace9/2012/13
NCBU 672565Quickbooks: Set-up and Services Business9/2112/14
NCTU 173258General Tutor Training9/2210/27
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
CHST 272720Child Growth and Development10/1612/16
CHST 572739Diversity - Childhood and Culture10/1612/16
CHST 6372800Child, Family, and Community10/1612/16
CHST 6772803EC Creative Arts Curriculum10/1612/16
ECON 1A72350Principles of Macroeconomics10/1612/9
ECON 1B72352Principles of Microeconomics10/1612/9
MUSC 5473666History of Rock and Roll Music10/1612/15
NUTR 1572523Human Nutrition10/1612/14
PARA 2572283Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility10/1612/4
ARTS 1A73261Survey of Western Art I10/1712/7
ARTS 1B73264Survey of Western Art II10/1712/7
ARTS 473267Art Appreciation10/1712/7
ARTS 473268Art Appreciation10/1712/7
ARTS 1073269American Art: A Multicultural Approach10/1712/7
ARTS 12A73270Art of Pre-Hispanic Mexico10/1712/7
ARTS 1473271Women in Art History10/1712/7
COUN 1273156Careers and Life Styles10/1712/6
COUN 1273157Careers and Life Styles10/1712/6
COUN 5073159Cross-Cultural Perspectives10/1712/7
ENGL 1A73012English Composition10/1712/8
ENGL 1A73015English Composition10/1712/8
ENGL 1B73041Critical Thinking Through Literature10/1712/8
ENGL 1C73045Critical Thinking and Writing10/1712/8
GEOG 173058Intro Physical Geography 10/1712/6
HIST 17A73085United States History10/1711/24
HTCH 54A72542Internship for Health Care Technologies10/1712/16
INTD 573199Introduction to Interior Design10/1711/21
KINS 11.0772950Pilates Cadillac, Chair and Barrels Instructor Training10/1712/6
NCIE 10172646Integrated ESL: Beginning Low10/1712/5
NCIE 10272647Integrated ESL: Beginning High10/1712/5
NCIE 10372648Integrated ESL: Intermediate Low10/1712/5
NCIE 10472649Integrated ESL: Intermediate High10/1712/5
NCIE 10572650Integrated ESL: Advanced Low10/1712/5
NCIE 10672651Integrated ESL: Advanced High10/1712/5
PHIL 173133Introduction to Philosophy10/1712/6
POLI 172381American Government10/1712/6
SOCI 172396Introduction to Sociology10/1712/15
SOCI 272390Social Problems10/1712/15
SOCI 2072395Sociology of Race and Ethnicity10/1712/15
SOCI 2872391Sociology of Gender10/1712/15
THEA 1372690Multicultural Theater10/1712/6
THEA 14A72680Survey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction10/1712/6
THEA 14B72683Survey of Film: Westerns and Musicals10/1712/6
THEA 14C72682Survey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films10/1712/6
THEA 1572685Introduction to Film Studies10/1712/6
WRKX 30372543Occupational Work Experience10/1712/16
KINT 3272850Introduction to Coaching Sport10/1812/7
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
CHEM 5072370Chemical Skills9/412/5
ANTH 373481Introduction to Cultural Anthropology9/512/12
NCTH 21A73224Technical Theater in Production: Scene Shop and Crew9/512/5
NCWP 21272661Beginning Microsoft Excel9/510/17
THEA 21A72678Technical Theater in Production: Scene Shop and Crew9/512/5
THEA 70D72675Mainstage Theater Production Workshop: Family and Children's Theater9/512/4
ASLA 060A73255American Sign Language I9/612/11
SJST 173060Introduction to Ethnic and Social Justice Studies9/612/11
THEA 20B72674Studio Theater Production Workshop: Modern/Contemporary9/712/7
INTD 573198Introduction to Interior Design9/810/13
BUSN 46B72982Beginning Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel9/99/16
BUSN 90A73520Business Employment Preparation9/99/16
IDES 1074422Intro Design Adv. Manuf. 19/1112/16
PMGT 15A72969Duties of the Park Pro9/119/11
NCPT 12474374Parenting Children Special Nee9/1211/14
NCPT 12274370Positive Parenting9/1311/15
ENGR 2572317Introduction to Materials9/139/13
NCPT 122 74371Positive Parenting9/1411/16
NCCC 2772561Computer-Aided Transcription 19/1512/15
GDES 1173165Blogs and Site Development: WordPress9/2810/2
CIST 272303Introduction to Computing10/212/8
GDES 12B73166Social Media Marketing10/411/10
PMGT 1972970Wilderness First Responder10/912/6
KINA 9.0272905Intercollegiate Basketball - Men10/1012/16
PSYC 174227General Psychology10/1011/17
HSCI 472534Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED10/1410/14
ACCT 1072295Financial Accounting10/2312/16
ACCT 1172299Managerial Accounting10/2312/16
BUSN 2872961Business Law10/2312/15
BUSN 5172972Introduction to Business10/2312/15
BUSN 6272978Business Mathematics10/2312/15
BUSN 7072979Effective Office Skills10/2312/15
COMM 173284Public Speaking10/2312/15
MUSC 272693Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Periods10/2312/16
MUSC 2H72694Honors Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary10/2312/16
NCIE 10274352Integrated ESL: Beginning High10/2312/14
NCIE 10174351Integrated ESL: Beginning Low10/2312/14
NCIE 10574344Integrated ESL: Advanced Low10/2312/14
NCIE 10474339Integrated ESL: Intermed. High10/2312/14
NCIE 10374338Integrated ESL: Intermed. Low10/2312/14
NCIE 106 74345Integrated ESL: Advanced High10/2312/14
PARA 3072284Business Contract Law10/2312/2
NCBU 5672568How to Market your Small Business10/2411/23
NCWP 21472662Advanced Microsoft Excel10/2412/5
THEA 2473212Single Camera Production10/2512/15
HSCI 372533CPR / AED - Basic Life Support for Providers and Professionals11/1811/21
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