Late Start Classes

The following is a list of late-start classes. These classes are shorter-term classes that begin after the first week of the semester. Some of these classes are asynchronous and do not have scheduled meetings. Others are synchronous and have regularly scheduled meetings via videoconferencing. Please view the details of the course in the Online Searchable Schedule. This is a great opportunity to register for a class after the start of the semester.

Spring 2023

Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
CHEM 5030018Chemical Skills2/21/235/16/23
CIST 230343Introduction to Computing2/21/235/12/23
CIST 230344Introduction to Computing2/21/235/12/23
COMM 131079Public Speaking2/21/235/18/23
COMM 131080Public Speaking2/21/235/18/23
COMM 831060Interpersonal Communication2/21/235/18/23
COUN 530446College Success2/21/235/18/23
COUN 1230492Careers and Life Styles2/21/235/22/23
COUN 2430497Personal Growth2/21/235/22/23
COUN 5030500Cross-Cultural Perspectives2/21/235/22/23
HIST 017A30510United States History2/21/234/7/23
MATH 012C30834Just-In-Time Support for Applied Calculus2/21/235/18/23
NCBU 730972Quickbooks: Merchandising and Payroll2/21/235/23/23
NCWP 20431033Introduction to the Windows Operating System2/21/233/16/23
NUTR 1530958Human Nutrition2/21/235/26/23
PARA 029B30077Paralegal Internship2/21/235/23/23
ANTH 130475Introduction to Physical Anthropology2/22/235/17/23
BUSN 2430395International Business Management2/22/235/17/23
CHST 130799Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children2/22/235/26/23
CHST 530804Diversity - Childhood and Culture2/22/235/26/23
CHST 7030815Infant-Toddler Development & Care2/22/235/26/23
CHST 034A30805Introduction to the Child With Special Needs2/22/235/26/23
CHST 034B30806Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs2/22/235/26/23
COMM 131077Public Speaking2/22/235/17/23
COUN 1230494Careers and Life Styles2/22/235/24/23
ENGL 8130953Voices: Intermediate Literary Arts Magazine2/22/235/15/23
ENGL 001A31044English Composition2/22/235/17/23
KINA 9.630609Post Season Conditioning2/22/235/17/23
KINS 8.0830611Soccer - Beginning2/22/235/17/23
MUSC 530251Fundamentals of Music2/22/235/26/23
MUSC 930254Jazz Music History2/22/235/26/23
MUSC 1030255Music Appreciation2/22/235/26/23
MUSC 5430303History of Rock and Roll Music2/22/235/26/23
MUSC 5730305History and Culture of Hip-Hop2/22/235/26/23
POLI 130324American Government2/22/235/17/23
SOCI 130328Introduction to Sociology2/22/235/17/23
THEA 1031792Introduction to Theater2/22/235/17/23
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
ARTS 430027Art Appreciation3/20/235/17/23
ARTS 430028Art Appreciation3/20/235/17/23
ARTS 1430030Women in Art History3/20/235/17/23
ARTS 001A30020Survey of Western Art I3/20/235/17/23
ARTS 012A30029Art of Pre-Hispanic Mexico3/20/235/17/23
CHST 230801Child Growth and Development3/20/235/26/23
CHST 6330812Child, Family, and Community3/20/235/26/23
COUN 530448College Success3/20/235/17/23
COUN 1230491Careers and Life Styles3/20/235/18/23
ECON 001A30456Principles of Macroeconomics3/20/235/19/23
ECON 001B30471Principles of Microeconomics3/20/235/19/23
ENGL 001A31045English Composition3/20/235/17/23
ENGL 001A31046English Composition3/20/235/17/23
ENGL 001C31048Critical Thinking and Writing3/20/235/17/23
GEOG 130412Intro Physical Geography 3/20/235/17/23
HIST 017A30511United States History3/20/235/5/23
HIST 017B30515United States History3/20/235/17/23
KINA 9.630565Post Season Conditioning3/20/235/17/23
KINT 3130646Psychological Foundations of Sport3/20/235/17/23
KINT 3330688Women in Sports3/20/235/26/23
LIBR 430071Information Competency3/20/235/5/23
PHIL 130418Introduction to Philosophy3/20/235/17/23
POLI 130311American Government3/20/235/17/23
SOCI 130332Introduction to Sociology3/20/235/17/23
SOCI 230336Social Problems3/20/235/26/23
SOCI 2030841Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3/20/235/26/23
SOCI 2830340Sociology of Gender3/20/235/26/23
SOCI 4030341Marriage and Family Sociology3/20/235/26/23
THEA 1530382Introduction to Film Studies3/20/235/17/23
THEA 014D30385Survey of Film: Superhero Cinema3/20/235/17/23
THEA 014E30378Survey of Film: The Star Wars Trilogies3/20/235/17/23
COUN 1230493Careers and Life Styles3/21/235/16/23
COUN 530449College Success3/22/235/17/23
COUN 5030499Cross-Cultural Perspectives3/23/235/18/23
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
BUSN 4431049Presentation, PowerPoint2/6/233/17/23
COUN 000A30430College Orientation2/6/232/13/23
FRNC 011A30123French Laboratory2/6/235/26/23
FRNC 011B30124French Laboratory2/6/235/26/23
MUSC 044A30290Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Comic Opera2/6/235/26/23
MUSC 044B30291Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Verismo Opera2/6/235/26/23
MUSC 044C30292Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Mid-20th Century Musicals2/6/235/26/23
MUSC 044D30293Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Modern Musicals2/6/235/26/23
NCTH 022A30936Practical Theater (Costume & Makeup) I2/6/235/17/23
PMGT 2331158Powersaws2/6/232/10/23
PSYC 2530537Introduction to Abnormal Psychology2/6/235/24/23
THEA 020A30393Studio Theater Production Workshop: American Representational2/6/235/16/23
THEA 022A30373Practical Theater (Costume & Makeup) I2/6/235/17/23
NCBU 5430954How to Start a Small Business2/7/233/16/23
NCIE 13130915ESL for Careers in Healthcare 22/7/235/25/23
NCPT 12231021Positive Parenting2/7/234/18/23
NCTH 021A30935Practical Theater (Scene & Stage) I2/7/235/17/23
PSYC 930533Psychology of Women: A Multicultural Perspective2/7/235/4/23
THEA 021A30392Practical Theater (Scene & Stage) I2/7/235/17/23
NCPT 12431023Parenting Children with Special Needs2/8/234/19/23
NCPT 12631024Single Parenting2/9/234/20/23
THEA 070C30375Mainstage Theater Production Workshop: Classical Greek and European2/9/235/20/23
INTD 530753Introduction to Interior Design2/10/233/24/23
NCTU 130388General Tutor Training2/10/233/24/23
DIGM 022A30856Digital Video 12/27/234/28/23
HSCI 830865Contemporary Health2/27/235/26/23
HSCI 1230867Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective2/27/235/26/23
HSCI 1430868Concepts of Public Health and Society2/27/235/26/23
NCWP 20631035Introduction to the Mac OS2/27/233/22/23
NCBU 5430956How to Start a Small Business2/28/235/9/23
NCBU 5630957How to Market your Small Business2/28/235/9/23
NCWP 131028Communication for the Workplace2/28/233/28/23
DIGM 1130849Blogs and Site Development: WordPress3/6/234/12/23
HTCH 054A30881Internship for Health Care Technologies3/14/235/26/23
WRKX 30330882Occupational Work Experience3/14/235/26/23
NCIE 10130899Integrated ESL: Beginning Low3/27/235/24/23
NCIE 10230900Integrated ESL: Beginning High3/27/235/24/23
NCIE 10330901Integrated ESL: Intermediate Low3/27/235/24/23
NCIE 10430902Integrated ESL: Intermediate High3/27/235/24/23
NCIE 10530903Integrated ESL: Advanced Low3/27/235/24/23
NCIE 10630904Integrated ESL: Advanced High3/27/235/24/23
PMGT 2330926Powersaws3/27/233/31/23
ACCT 1030129Financial Accounting4/1/235/26/23
ACCT 1130126Managerial Accounting4/1/235/26/23
BUSN 2830411Business Law4/3/235/25/23
BUSN 4730467Adobe Acrobat and PDF4/3/235/25/23
BUSN 5130481Introduction to Business4/3/235/25/23
BUSN 043B30422Microsoft Office & Google Workspace Interoperability4/3/235/25/23
MUSC 230246Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Periods4/3/235/26/23
MUSC 002H30247Honors Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary4/3/235/26/23
NCIE 11430917Citizenship4/3/235/22/23
NCPE 1.3630991Adapted Water Movement4/3/235/26/23
NCWP 21031037Microsoft Word4/3/234/26/23
NCWP 22031043Introduction to Google Workspace4/3/235/22/23
PARA 2530075Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility4/3/235/22/23
PARA 024A30074Writing for Law Practice4/3/235/22/23
CHST 6331822Child, Family, and Community4/4/235/24/23
NCWP 231029Digital Skills for the Workplace4/4/234/27/23
NCWP 21231038Beginning Microsoft Excel4/4/234/27/23
PARA 9230078Trademark Prosecution4/4/235/23/23
PSYC 130524General Psychology4/4/235/12/23
PSYC 130525General Psychology4/4/235/12/23
INTD 530754Introduction to Interior Design4/5/235/10/23
PMGT 012A30891Basic Outdoor Skills4/5/235/26/23
DIGM 025B30854Social Media Marketing4/17/235/19/23
PARA 029A30076Paralegal Employment Preparation4/17/235/22/23
NCBU 5630955How to Market your Small Business4/18/235/18/23
COUN 000A30427College Orientation4/19/234/26/23
HSCI 330886CPR / AED - Basic Life Support for Providers and Professionals4/21/234/22/23
NCWP 21631042Microsoft PowerPoint5/1/235/24/23
NCWP 331030Leadership for the Workplace5/2/235/25/23
NCWP 21431039Advanced Microsoft Excel5/2/235/25/23
COUN 000A30428College Orientation5/11/235/18/23
COUN 000A30429College Orientation5/17/235/24/23
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