Late Start Classes

Fall 2022 Late Start Classes

The following is a list of late-start classes. These classes are shorter-term classes that begin after the first week of the semester. Some of these classes are asynchronous and do not have scheduled meetings. Others are synchronous and have regularly scheduled meetings via videoconferencing. Please view the details of the course in the Online Searchable Schedule. This is a great opportunity to register for a class after the start of the semester.

Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
CHST 570196Diversity - Childhood and Culture9/19/2212/17/22
CHST 034A70230Introduction to the Child With Special Needs9/19/2212/17/22
CHST 034C70612Guidance and Strategies for Challenging Behaviors9/19/2212/17/22
COMM 170668Public Speaking9/19/2212/9/22
COMM 171712Public Speaking9/19/2212/17/22
COMM 770411Survey of Communication: Career9/19/2212/9/22
COUN 570995College Success9/19/2212/9/22
COUN 570996College Success9/19/2212/9/22
COUN 1271006Careers and Life Styles9/19/2212/9/22
ENGL 001A71552English Composition9/19/2212/7/22
ENGL 001A70957English Composition9/19/2212/8/22
ENGL 8070903Voices: The Literary Arts Magazine9/19/2212/7/22
HSCI 870860Contemporary Health9/19/2212/12/22
HSCI 1270862Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective9/19/2212/12/22
LIBR 470001Information Competency9/19/2210/28/22
MATH 000D71627Trigonometry9/19/2212/9/22
MATH 012C71645Just-In-Time Support for Applied Calculus9/19/2212/19/22
MUSC 570310Fundamentals of Music9/19/2212/17/22
MUSC 970312Jazz Music History9/19/2212/17/22
MUSC 1070313Music Appreciation9/19/2212/17/22
MUSC 5470315History of Rock and Roll Music9/19/2212/17/22
MUSC 5770318History and Culture of Hip-Hop9/19/2212/17/22
NCBU 671020Quickbooks: Set-up and Services Business9/19/2212/5/22
NCBU 5471022How to Start a Small Business9/19/2210/19/22
NCWP 171034Communication for the Workplace9/19/2210/12/22
NCWP 20471039Introduction to the Windows Operating System9/19/2210/12/22
PARA 029B70663Paralegal Internship9/19/2212/5/22
POLI 170079American Government9/19/2212/7/22
SOCI 170143Introduction to Sociology9/19/2212/7/22
SOCI 2070150Sociology of Race and Ethnicity9/19/2212/17/22
SOCI 4070153Marriage and Family Sociology9/19/2212/7/22
COMM 170080Public Speaking9/20/2212/8/22
COMM 170168Public Speaking9/20/2212/8/22
COMM 170293Public Speaking9/20/2212/8/22
NCPT 12670985Single Parenting9/20/2211/22/22
PSYC 970652Psychology of Women: A Multicultural Perspective9/20/2212/8/22
ACCT 1070296Financial Accounting9/24/2212/17/22
ACCT 1170300Managerial Accounting9/24/2212/17/22
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
ARTS 001A70024Survey of Western Art I10/17/2212/9/22
ARTS 001B70029Survey of Western Art II10/17/2212/9/22
ARTS 470033Art Appreciation10/17/2212/9/22
ARTS 470034Art Appreciation10/17/2212/9/22
ARTS 1070035American Art: A Multicultural Approach10/17/2212/9/22
ARTS 012A70073Art of Pre-Hispanic Mexico10/17/2212/9/22
ARTS 1470036Women in Art History10/17/2212/9/22
BUSN 2870580Business Law10/17/2212/17/22
BUSN 4370583MS Office - Beginning Office Computing10/17/2212/17/22
BUSN 043A70584Introduction to Google Workspace Cloud-based Software10/17/2212/17/22
BUSN 5170600Introduction to Business10/17/2212/17/22
BUSN 6270590Business Mathematics10/17/2212/17/22
BUSN 7070591Effective Office Skills10/17/2212/17/22
CHST 270193Child Growth and Development10/17/2212/17/22
CHST 6370245Child, Family, and Community10/17/2212/17/22
COUN 570997College Success10/17/2212/9/22
COUN 1271008Careers and Life Styles10/17/2212/9/22
COUN 1271009Careers and Life Styles10/17/2212/9/22
COUN 2471010Personal Growth10/17/2212/9/22
COUN 5071012Cross-Cultural Perspectives10/17/2212/9/22
ECON 001A70430Principles of Macroeconomics10/17/2212/10/22
ECON 001B70445Principles of Microeconomics10/17/2212/10/22
ENGL 001A70967English Composition10/17/2212/8/22
ENGL 001B70968Critical Thinking Through Literature10/17/2212/8/22
ENGL 001C70969Critical Thinking and Writing10/17/2212/8/22
GEOG 170227Intro Physical Geography 10/17/2212/9/22
HIST 017A70627United States History10/17/2212/2/22
HTCH 054A70894Internship for Health Care Technologies10/17/2212/7/22
NCWP 271035Digital Skills for the Workplace10/17/2211/10/22
NCWP 21071040Microsoft Word10/17/2211/9/22
NUTR 1570978Human Nutrition10/17/2212/7/22
PARA 2570662Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility10/17/2212/5/22
PARA 4270665Criminal Trial Techniques for the Paralegal10/17/2212/5/22
PMGT 1970526Wilderness First Responder10/17/2212/14/22
POLI 170097American Government10/17/2212/7/22
SOCI 170141Introduction to Sociology10/17/2212/17/22
SOCI 170142Introduction to Sociology10/17/2212/17/22
SOCI 270147Social Problems10/17/2212/17/22
SOCI 2870157Sociology of Gender10/17/2212/17/22
THEA 014A70116Survey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction10/17/2212/7/22
THEA 014B70119Survey of Film: Westerns and Musicals10/17/2212/7/22
THEA 014C70117Survey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films10/17/2212/7/22
THEA 1570121Introduction to Film Studies10/17/2212/7/22
INTD 570269Introduction to Interior Design10/18/2211/22/22
KINS 8.270556Introduction to Sport Fundamentals10/18/2212/17/22
KINS 8.2170557Fundamentals of Sport-Beginning10/18/2212/17/22
KINS 8.2270558Fundamentals of Sport-Intermediate10/18/2212/17/22
KINS 8.2370559Fundamentals of Sport-Advanced10/18/2212/17/22
KINT 3270538Introduction to Coaching Sport10/18/2212/10/22
NCWP 22071044Introduction to Google Workspace10/18/2212/13/22
PSYC 170648General Psychology10/18/2212/1/22
WRKX 30370895Occupational Work Experience10/20/2212/17/22
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
CHEM 5070195Chemical Skills9/6/2212/6/22
THEA 021A70114Practical Theater (Scene & Stage) I9/6/2212/10/22
THEA 070A70128Mainstage Theater Production Workshop: American Representational 9/6/2212/6/22
NCBU 771021Quickbooks: Merchandising and Payroll9/7/2212/17/22
COUN 000A70990College Orientation9/8/229/15/22
NCBU 471890Excel for Accounting and Bookkeeping9/8/2212/15/22
THEA 020D71891Studio Theater Workshop: Musical and Children's Theater9/8/2212/10/22
INTD 570263Introduction to Interior Design9/9/2210/14/22
BUSN 046B70586Beginning Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel9/10/229/17/22
NCTU 171264General Tutor Training9/12/2210/28/22
COUN 000A70991College Orientation9/14/229/21/22
CIST 270297Introduction to Computing10/3/2212/9/22
COUN 000A70992College Orientation10/5/2210/12/22
DIGM 025B70241Social Media Marketing10/5/2211/9/22
HIST 017B70634United States History10/11/2212/2/22
KINA 9.0270560Intercollegiate Basketball-Men10/11/2212/17/22
HSCI 470858First Aid and CPR/AED10/15/2210/15/22
DIGM 022A71888Digital Video 110/24/2212/14/22
MUSC 270307Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Periods10/24/2212/17/22
MUSC 002H71655Honors Music History: Classical, Romantic and Contemporary10/24/2212/17/22
NCBU 5671023How to Market your Small Business10/24/2211/23/22
PHIL 370253Introduction to Ethics10/24/2212/16/22
HSCI 370863CPR / AED - Basic Life Support for Providers and Professionals11/5/2211/9/22
COUN 000A70993College Orientation11/9/2211/16/22
NCWP 371036Leadership for the Workplace11/14/2212/7/22
NCWP 21271042Beginning Microsoft Excel11/14/2212/7/22
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