Off-Campus Classes

Fall 2024 Off-Campus Classes

CourseSectionTitleRoomBuilding Description
NCAD 10175494Stay Fit for Older AdultsLGSCLos Gatos Senior Center
NCAD 10175500Stay Fit for Older AdultsLGSCLos Gatos Senior Center
NCAD 10275498Balance Awareness: Older AdultLGSCLos Gatos Senior Center
NCAD 10275499Balance Awareness: Older AdultLGSCLos Gatos Senior Center
NCAD 14575415Older Adult ArtLGSCLos Gatos Senior Center
MATH 004A75340Intermediate CalculusLYN 403Lynbrook High School
KINS 12.2074930Open Water DiverSee ScheduleWV Off Campus
KINS 12.22 74931Advanced Marine DiverSee ScheduleWV Off Campus
PMGT0 12A74547Basic Outdoor SkillsSee ScheduleWV Off Campus
PMGT 015A74549Duties of the Park ProSee ScheduleWV Off Campus
PMGT 01976523Wilderness First ResponderSee ScheduleWV Off Campus
NCEL 110A75899Basic American English/Civics1PARSPARS Equality Center
NCEL 110B75900Basic American English/Civics2PARSPARS Equality Center
NCEL 114A75901English for Citizenship IPARSPARS Equality Center
NCEL 114B75902English for Citizenship IIPARSPARS Equality Center
NCEL 10175887Integrated ESL: Foundation 1SMUMSanta Maria Urban Ministry
NCEL 10275885Integrated ESL: Foundation 2SMUMSanta Maria Urban Ministry

Spring 2024 Off-Campus Classes

Course Section Title Room
MATH 004B32964Differential EquationsLYN 403
Course Section Title Room
NCIE 110A33019Basic American Eng/Civics 1See Schedule
NCIE 110B33020Basic American Engl/Civics 2See Schedule
NCIE 11433023CitizenshipSee Schedule
NCIE 11433024CitizenshipSee Schedule
Course Section Title Room
BIOL 05832049Field EcologySee Schedule
Course Section Title Room
CHST 00133544Principles & PracticesSVAE 17
CHST 06333545Child, Family, and CommunitySVAE 17
Course Section Title Room
THEA 02433222Single Camera ProductionSVCTE 104
Course Section Title Room
ASTR 03032181Field AstronomySee Schedule
KINS 4.1332545Fitness WalkingSee Schedule
KINS 4.2832577Fitness JoggingSee Schedule
KINS 4.3532578Trail RunningSee Schedule

NOTE: Class schedules are subject to change, and may be incomplete. Please check current class listings and space available:

Last Updated 4/17/24