Off-Campus Classes

Fall 2021 Off-Campus Classes

Los Gatos High School

Course Section Title Room
ANTH 003 70222 Intro to Cultural Anthropoligy 302

Additional Locations

Course Section Title Room
KINS 4.13 70692 Fitness Walking See Schedule
KINS 4.28 70694 Fitness Jogging See Schedule
KINS 4.35 70691 Trail Running See Schedule
KINS 7.11 70863 Golf - Intermediate Blackberry Farm Golf Course, Cupertino
KINS 7.12 70864 Golf - Advanced Blackberry Farm Golf Course, Cupertino
KINS 9.14 70525 Athletic Baseball - Skills & Techniques Pal Stadium, San Jose


NOTE: Class schedules are subject to change, and may be incomplete. Please check current class listings and space available:

Last Updated 4/14/21