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The Program Pathways Mapper is a visual representation of the course requirements and recommended sequence for a student's selected program of study. You will find it organized by Learning and Career Pathways, groups of similar programs that are designed to help you select a program of study and speed your progress towards completion. You will also find information on occupations and careers commonly associated with each program. The data provided is based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics which does not always account for all the different jobs and titles. Students should consult with the Career Services Officeas well as the discipline faculty on the latest information about jobs and careers based on regional job sources. This program mapper does not replace setting an appointment with a counselor to ensure that all program requirements are met.

This pathway does not include AP tests, or previous high school or college course work that may provide additional transferable units or fulfill transfer requirements. Plan does not include specific transferable major course requirements. The UC and CSU system may have additional requirements that are not listed in the plan. Please see a counselor to review your unique educational plan.

Each Pathway allows you to explore a set of program maps that show a term-by-term path from program entry to completion. You will also find descriptions and program learning outcomes that will deepen your understanding of each program and Pathway, helping you build confidence in your program choice.

Upon visiting the Program Pathways Mapper, select a specific Learning and Career Pathway.

Once you've selected the pathway of choice, you'll see the Certificates and Degrees Map which lists the various degrees, certificates, and awards available to explore at West Valley College.

There's a pathway for everyone at West Valley College! Explore the Program Pathways Mapper today to learn all that WVC has to offer!

Last Updated 7/24/23