Courses Taught / Teaching at West Valley

Comm 004: Small Group Communication

Comm 008: Interpersonal Communication

Comm 001: Public Speaking

Comm 010H: Honors Persuasive Speaking 

Other Courses Taught:

Critical Thinking

Communication Fundamentals

Areas of Interest:


Social Constructionism

Emotion and Self-Disclosure

Persuasion in Media

Dialogic Communication

Intrapersonal Communication

Critical Analysis of Media


M.A. Communication Studies

San Jose State University


B.A. Communication Studies (Minor in Human Development)

San Jose State University


A.A. Liberal Arts, A.A. Communication Studies

West Valley Community College



In any classroom, my goal is to help create a passionate, transformative community. 


Teaching is not my job—it is my vocation, my calling, my passion. I truly love what I do! 

Last Updated 4/30/20