Choral Audition

You do not need to prepare a solo. You will be led through a warm up to determine your vocal range, and then will be asked to:

  1. Sing a major scale;
  2. Sing a major triad and a minor triad;
  3. Sing a series of melodic patterns to determine your ability to match pitch;
  4. Read a short music excerpt at sight.

This is not a pass/fail assessment, but is a way to determine what you need to learn.

Concert Choir Now Open to ALL!

To include more students in the act of making music, we are drawing the circle wider by immediately eliminating the audition requirement for the Concert Choir this year. Professor De La Rosa has taught choir for many years and can teach anyone to read music and sing in a group. Come experience the joy of singing this Fall.

MUSC 042: Concert Choir | TTh 2:05 PM - 3:30 PM in MU-12

You are encouraged to connect with Professor De La Rosa, but an audition for choir is no longer necessary.

Instrumental Audition

Please email Troy Davis to schedule an instrumental audition for band OR an instrumental applied music audition.

Applied Music Audition – Voice

In order to receive Applied Voice lessons through MUSC 039G, you will need to audition by submitting a public or unlisted YouTube link of you singing one piece from the classical, musical theater, or jazz repertoire. Please make sure to use either live accompaniment or an accompaniment track. A cappella singing is NOT allowed. If you need assistance with accompaniment please email Professor Jacque Scharlach. She will put you in touch with our collaborative pianist, Professor Esther Archer. Do it now, not later.

Please submit your video via the Google form below preferably by Monday, August 22 at noon. If you need additional time, please discuss with Professor Jacque Scharlach.

If you plan to take Applied Voice this semester you are required to concurrently enrolled in Concert Choir. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Professor Lou De La Rosa, department chair and director of the Vocal Music Program.

Last Updated 8/12/22