Creating Music for Film, TV and Gaming

Student in Creating Music for Film, TV and Gaming course

General Information

The Creating Music for Film, TV and Gaming Certificate of Achievement Program at West Valley College focuses on creating and producing music, utilizing technology and live performers for the purpose of scoring to picture. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering areas of music theory, multi-track recording and music production, software music notation, cinematic orchestration, music composition, and scoring for various media in a variety of genres. The West Valley College Music Department Digital Music Center supplies the necessary state-of-the-art, industry-standard tools for students to learn and develop their skills. After completing the certificate program, students will have entry-level skills in scoring for media, know how to work with clients, and have a show-reel to promote their abilities.

Protools on DMC computer


  • iMac 27-inch computers
  • Logic Pro
  • Pro Tools
  • 88-key midi keyboards
  • Recording Studio
  • Editing Suites
  • East West Orchestra Gold Sample Library
  • EZ Drummer
  • Heavyocity Mutations and Evolve
  • World Class Microphone Cabinet
  • Live Musician Recording Sessions

Student Demos

MU 67B – Student Demo 1

MU 67A – Student Demo 2

MU 67A – Student Demo 3

MU 67A – Student Demo 4

MU 67A – Student Demo 5

MU 67A – Student Demo 6

MUSC 67B – Student Demo 7

MUSC 67A – Student Demo 8

Industry Guests

Randy Spendlove, President of Motion Picture Music at Paramount Pictures

Lennie Moore

Lennie Moore speaks to Music students

Lennie Moore speaks to Music students.

Brian Schmidt

Brian Schmidt speaking to Music students

Brian Schmidt speaking to Music students


Music Theory Class Scoring Session Robert Sinclair
Scoring Session Scoring Session  Scoring Session 
Scoring Session Scoring Session  
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