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West Valley offers FREE, short-term, courses for 21st Century Job Skills where employers listed the skills they look for when hiring or promoting employees!

  • Improve and build a dynamic resume
  • Get real world skills and use collaboration tools that make you more marketable and attractive to employers!
  • Gain leadership and managerial skills
  • Earn Digital Badges to put on your resume and LinkedIn profile in Communication, Collaboration, Adaptability, Self-Awareness, Leadership, Digital Fluency, etc.
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  • Subject: Noncredit Career Skills
Courses Offered
  • NCWP 001: Essential Communication for the Workplace – Develop and improve workplace communication skills and build a dynamic resume for an effective job search or promotion.
  • NCWP 002: Digital Citizenship for the Workplace – Learn tools, technology and resources used in the workplace and job search and use LinkedIn to support your career development.
  • NCWP 003: Leadership Skills for the Workplace – Build skills to become a strong leader and manager in the workplace and develop transformational leadership.

What Is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is an online representation of accomplishment such as the completion of a project or training, mastery of a skill, or accumulation of experience. They are issued by schools, universities, community and professional organizations. The badge has embedded verification data and the earner can openly display that digital badge across social media sites, as part of online portfolios, on LinkedIn profiles, blogs, and résumés.

The badge acts as a bridge from education and life experiences into the world of work where employers can view the badge as a verification, or e-credential, indicating desired qualities and skills. Even if an employer is unfamiliar with digital badges, the earner has a fantastic opportunity in application and interview settings to describe what the badge is, how the skill was developed and verified, and what value it brings to the workplace.

Last Updated 12/3/21