ESL and Citizenship

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Learn and improve your English, become a US Citizen, or prepare for a career in Healthcare or Early Childhood Education today!

West Valley offers FREE classes designed to help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to obtain a better job, take career training and college classes, and communicate better today!

Course Offerings
  • Citizenship
  • American English and Civics 1 and 2 (ESL)
  • ESL for Careers in Healthcare 1 and 2
  • ESL for Careers in Early Childhood Education 1 and 2

California/U.S. Residency is not required.

Certificates of Competency
  • ESL Careers in Healthcare
  • ESL Careers in Early Childhood Education
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  • Subject: Noncredit ESL Citizenship
Last Updated 12/3/21