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Microsoft Office Basics

Microsoft Office is the most widely used productivity software on the market. The Microsoft Office Skills Certificate gives students a basic knowledge of the software programs most commonly used in work and school related environments. Students will receive a basic introduction to primary software, create documents using Word, create spreadsheets in Excel, and create PowerPoint presentations.

Introductory Courses (Optional)

Students have the opportunity to learn the touch system of keyboarding, and improve their basic keyboarding techniques to develop speed and accuracy.

The software program MS Word is introduced in this course. Students have the opportunity to learn the syntax and structure of the software and basic operating procedures. Specific topics to be included are: an overview of function key commands, cursor movement, basic input and editing procedures, file handling, line and page format features, basic file management, and simple document formatting.

Microsoft Basic Skills Certificate

Required Courses
Course Number Course Title Hours
NCWP 210 Microsoft Word 18 hours
NCWP 212 Beginning Microsoft Excel 18 hours
NCWP 216 Microsoft PowerPoint 18 hours

Elective Courses (Choose at least one)
Course Number Course Title Hours
NCWP 214 Advanced Microsoft Excel 18 hours
NCWP 220 Introduction to Google Workspace 36 hours
Course Number Section Course Title Start Date End Date Days Time Location
NCWP 20071037Computer Keyboard and Mouse Overview8/27/229/11/22Sat9:00-12:00 PMWest Valley
NCWP 20271038Computers for Beginners8/29/229/15/22MWTh6:00-8:05 PMWest Valley
NCWP 20471039Intro: Windows Operating System9/19/2210/12/22MW6:00-8:05 PMWest Valley
NCWP 206 Intro to Mac OSSpring 2023    
NCWP 21071040Microsoft Word10/17/2211/9/22MW6:00-8:05 PMWest Valley
NCWP 21271042Beginning Microsoft Excel11/14/2212/7/22MW6:00-8:05 PMWest Valley
NCWP 214 Advanced Microsoft ExcelSpring 2023   West Valley
NCWP 216 Microsoft PowerPointSpring 2023   West Valley
NCWP 22071044Introduction to Google Workspace10/18/2212/13/22TTh6:00-8:00 PMWest Valley
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