Small Business Essentials and Incubator

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West Valley offers two classes for aspiring small business owners who want support to start and market their business. Whether you want to start or improve your own business, West Valley has FREE classes and training for you!

Small Business Essentials Certificate

West Valley offers FREE classes to provide you with ideas and resources on all aspects of setting up and maintaining a small business. Get the ideas, skills, and feedback to start or build your own successful small business by enrolling in our 36 hour, 3-part series.

Required Classes

11-12 hours

Students have the opportunity to learn strategies and tactics necessary for starting and maintaining a small business. This course focuses on small businesses students might actually start versus high-growth firms dependent on venture capital. This course is a continuation of NCBU15, The Entrepreneur Mind.

11-12 hours

This course provides students with the opportunity to acquire practical experience and understand the process of actually doing marketing. Students also have the opportunity to explore current trends and how to deliver value to both customers and the company

Course Number Section Course Title Start Date End Date Days Time Location
NCBU 5472047How to Start a Small Business9/13/2210/13/22TTh9:00-10:30 AMONLINE
NCBU 5672046How to Market your Small Business10/18/2211/17/22TTh9:00-10:30 AMONLINE
Launch Your Business in 10 Weeks with ESO Ventures + West Valley College

The next 10-week small business incubator starts on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Dates: September 13 – November 15

Times: Tuesdays from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

First class in-person, remaining classes online.

Students receive:

  • Action-oriented business training
  • 1:1 executive coaching
  • Diverse entrepreneur network
  • Access to funding opportunities

Last Updated 7/19/22