Basic Skills: Math and Chemistry

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Do you need to refresh your foundational math or chemistry skills before taking advanced algebra, stats, or chemistry?

West Valley offers Tuition-Free Noncredit classes to help prepare you!

Courses Offered
  • NCMA 108: Essential Math Elementary Algebra 1
  • NCMA 109: Essential Math Elementary Algebra 2
  • NCMA 110: Math Jam for Statistics (Serves as preparation for Math 10 and designed to strengthen essential mathematical skills necessary in preparation for success in Elementary Statistics)
  • NCCH 110*: Chem Jam and Prep (Designed for students who are preparing to take Chemistry 1A to review foundational Chemistry concepts)

*Math and Chemistry Review: short, intensive 1-2 week reviews designed to prepare you for Statistics or Chemistry 1A (Coming Winter/Spring 2022)

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Last Updated 10/19/21